Happy New Year

Wishing blog readers and your friends and family the most wonderful 2021 imaginable. Happy New Year and all the best!

2021 Promises To Be a Happy New Year

When I look back at just the items that I knitted, crocheted and/or spun in 2020, I’m a bit surprised.  I count 59 items in total.

FOs 2020 QueerJoe

And some of them were impressive for various reasons:

I also published 11 video blogs this year in the premier year for “Knitting With QueerJoe” as well as various tutorial videos.

I figure if I can accomplish that much in a shitty year, 2021 will be awesome.

Current Knitting

This project was technically completed in 2021.

QueerJoes Simple Hat 01-01-21 01

It’s a variation on QueerJoe’s Simple Hat using two leftover colorways of Noro Kureopatora yarn.

QueerJoes Simple Hat 01-01-21 02

I used a technique called helical knitting to make the stripes which I’ll describe a little in the next blog entry. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the technique. At least not the way I did it.

New Year’s Good Fortune

I always consider how well my latte art is in the morning as an indicator of my day.Finn in Christmas Box from Charles 01-01-21 01


If this is any indicator, 2021 will be a good year. But just to make sure, I’ll add a Finn photo of his favorite Christmas gift.

Finn in Christmas Box from Charles 01-01-21 01

5 comments on “Happy New Year

  1. A very happy new year to you and Thaddeus, Joe! I’ve been reading your blog for many years, and although I rarely comment I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed what you’ve shared about knitting and your life experience and look forward to your 2021 posts.

  2. You sure have been prolific!
    Happy New Year! Love Finn’s favorite Christmas present. Our cat has the same taste in gifts!
    Best wishes!

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