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Memojis? Really?

With the upgrade my iPhone last year, I also got the latest IOS from Apple. Now I can create memojis! Really?!?!

QueerJoe Emoji Hi

What Are Memojis Really?

As I start to see more and more people who are creating these digital avatars, I start to realize a bit more about the person.

Mostly, these figures tell me more about how someone perceives themselves.

Do they see themselves as older/younger than they are? Or more or less handsome than they are? And how much of the difference between how I see them and how they see themselves is a result of the limitations of the software?

Interestingly enough, I think the feature photo (Apple’s version of me, based on how I see myself) is much more limited than Facebook’s version.  The avatar saying “HI!” looks much more like I see myself.

What about your self-representations?  How well do they represent you?

Current Knitting

I’m just finishing up the test-knit, and I can show you a sneak-preview of what it looks like.

Sankofa Cowl 01-03-21 01

The teal yarn is Herriot by Juniper Moon Farm. It’s pur ultrafine baby alpaca and the color is a deep, rich teal color 1003. It goes perfectly well with the marigold yarn. That’s Urth’s Monokrom yarn in color 53. Bold contrast for an even bolder pattern.

When it’s finished (today), I will re-start on the Fisherman’s Rib Cardigan.

Fishermans Rib Cardigan 01-06-21 01

I put this down during the holidays and focused on other priorities. But I would like to get this one finished somewhat soon. I’ve already got a project bag with everything I need in it to work on it.

3 comments on “Memojis? Really?

  1. Thank you for explaining memojis. I wonder if I need to do that? As a middle school teacher at this moment (and online), it seems like a good way to digitally engage kids. I’m guessing I can make the thing as silly as I want? Can I Memoji my pet?
    I love the colors of your hat. It’s stunning.

    1. I teach high school and my kids respond very well to my use of Bitmoji. Adding it as an extension to Google Chrome allowed me to export them across the Google Educational Suite platform used by my school. Your kids would love to see your digital pet online!

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