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Blogging On a Deadline – Knitting With QueerJoe Episode 12

Blogger (owned by Google) has decided they no longer want to host all the old blog photos from my site. So I’m blogging on a deadline now.

What Blogging on a Deadline Looks Like

Fortunately, I’ve copied over all my photos from Blogger onto my own WordPress media library, so they won’t be deleted.

But I still have about 10 years of blog entries where the photos are served from the Blogger web site.

Watch today’s twelfth episode of Knitting With QueerJoe. Especially if you’ve ever been interested in how the sausage is made!

You’ll see how I efficiently (maybe not so much) convert over thousands of HTML links from Blogger’s photos to my own photos.ย  I still have over 980 blog entries to edit before June.

Think I can make it?

Current Knitting

Shaker Rib Cardigan

While I promised not to get distracted. And work solely on this WIP. I couldn’t do it. See below this new hat project that Aaron showed on his blog this weekend.

Shaker Rib Cardigan 01-09-21 01

Shaker Rib Cardigan 01-09-21 02

I did make progress anyway. I made it up to the shaping on the left-front section. The shaping for the neck starts at the same time as the shaping for the sleeve. I just didn’t want to do shaping on both sides during Zoom meet-ups. I find I don’t socialize and concentrate on knitting at the same time very well.

So this project was a shiny new project. And easier to concentrate on.

Jasper Toque

Jasper Toque 01-11-21 02

This weird little trapezoid will be a hat. Hopefully.

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