Level Up On YouTube - YouTube 2020 Summary

Level Up On YouTube

QueerJoe as a blog has always been somewhat of a hit-whore. Long-time readers know this. But now I’m about to level up on YouTube.

Help me Level Up On YouTube

2020 has been a very productive video year for me.  YouTube was kind enough to e-mail me a personal summary.

Largely, it’s because of readers here and social media followers.  Thank you!

You can see the growth over the last 365 days.

YouTube Analytics 12-16-20 01

The 1.7K statistic is an important one as a “YouTube Creator.”  Once I have achieved 2K hours in the last 365 days, I will level-up!

So, what would you like to see on my YouTube channel?  Currently, I have a few Playlists:

Do you have any other requests?  Videos that would entice you to spend more time on the channel so I can bump up to 2,000 hours? Would you be willing to just let one or two of those playlists linked above to just run in the background?

Taking requests…comment below, contact me via e-mail or message me.

Current Knitting

I pulled out my first misstep on the sleeve. Now the Shaker Rib Cardigan is on it’s way again.

Shaker Rib Cardigan 01-18-21 01

Sleeves are never a pleasure for me, but I’m making headway. Although I did have to create a checklist for each row to indicate increase rows and whether there was 1 or 2 purl stitches at the beginning of wrong-side rows.

Shaker Rib Cardigan 01-18-21 02

And to start your week or right, here’s a photo of Finn from this morning.

Finn in the warm spot 01-18-21 01

Finn often takes “the warm spot” where I knit in the morning. Glad I can warm up a spot for him some days.


7 comments on “Level Up On YouTube

  1. Maybe you could do questions and answers? Like I’m dying to know why you decided to knit a garment in ribbing when you don’t like to knit ribbing.

  2. Would you be willing to do a post on crochet that’s useful for knitters to know? with maybe some links to helpful vids of how to do the stitches?
    Oh, and maybe throw in a couple of photo bombs as Finn walks by…
    Thank you!!

    1. NC Knitter Bear is on to something here.
      I agree that finding Finn in your post is a fun thing to do!
      Maybe you could start small (like finding Finn Fridays).
      It couldn’t hurt…

  3. Congratulations on the official recognition of your hit whore status. And thanks. I look forward to your posts and all. And any chance to see Finn!

  4. I am dying to pick your design brain! What makes one design more or less successful than another? Do men view design differently than women? As I get older I’m starting to think they do. I’m starting to think men have a more naturally developed sense of aesthetic. How can you tell when a project is a ‘no hoper’? There is room here for plenty of Queer Joe satire and growth. I visualize them as more conversational—maybe a split screen chatting/discussing with a knitting friend?

    And lots of Finn pics.

  5. Q&A can be fun, or you can interview or find something fun to do with other fiber fiends, or knit- or crochet-a-longs. I guess it really boils down to what you’ll enjoy doing that fits in with your overall online presence.

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