Who Does That - Forked Butter

Who Does That!?!?

Have you ever looked at something your spouse does and think. Who does that?  What barbarian would think that was appropriate?

Did You See This? – I Mean Really…Who Does That?

Forked Butter Close

Thaddeus and I have been together for over 37 years. You’d think I could get past certain things.

But this?  I mean this is intolerable. No? I mean, how would you get a nice pat of butter for a piece of toast with an edge like this? And I KNOW he would never put this out for guests (if we ever are allowed to have guests over for meals again).

Okay…just breathe…let it go Joe. Just let it go.

Interestingly enough, we both have our little pet-peeves about each other.

I have this irritating habit of not fully closing drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.

I’d be interested to know of others’ annoying habits (either their own, or their partner’s).  Feel free to vent in comments. Get it ALL out.

Current Knitting

I can even amaze myself when it comes to ignoring a project.  Instead of continuing on with the Shaker Rib Cardigan sleeve, I worked solely on the latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf this past weekend.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf 01-25-21 01

But I am happy with the result.  As I mentioned in the last blog entry, these aren’t “my colors” but they are very good. I used two very different yarns.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf 01-25-21 Yarn 01

The bright yarn is Groovy Hues Cuddly and Groovin’ Sock yarn I bought back in 2017. The colorway is Mango Passionfruit Hibiscus Tea, and it is truly groovy. The darker yarn is Triologie by Zitron in color, Bohemia.

This scarf will definitely be going up on the virtual craft show web site soon!

12 comments on “Who Does That!?!?

  1. I laughed out loud because your bad habit is my husband’s, too. He even has trouble snapping the cap on the vitamins closed properly! Mine (OK, one of mine) is saying, “I know” to any piece of news he relates, usually because I am glued to Twitter (another less than stellar behaviour).

  2. My husband unlocks the door and then re locks it or if I’m the first at the door and unlock it to go inside, he stays outside, closes the door, locks it and the unlocks it to come in. Same with the car doors. One other gem, 6 of us (4 children) and he has always the first in the bathroom. I get so flustered. SO right, Who does that?

  3. A pat of butter? That does not compute! A knob of butter is more like it. And I keep my butter out on the counter (it will last a week if covered — though it never lasts a week), which drives some people nuts.

  4. I asked my husband once if I did anything that annoyed him and he said, “No.” I was SO disappointed because I had a whole list ready for him! And now I couldn’t share it without being an absolute asshole. He’s pretty smart, that one, but absolutely cannot manage to close a jar or container of any kind and never learned to take his clothes of without turning everything inside out.

  5. I hear you! We have that same violated butter, thanks to Frederick! (And don’t get tomato sauce, onions or peanut butter on the butter stick either!)
    When we first got together, closing in on 45 years ago, Fred issued a list of “Thou Shalt Nots.” He posted it on the ice box. I still have the scrap of brown paper bag somewhere that he wrote it all on!
    I only can recall one at the moment.
    “Thou shalt not water down the orange juice!” (Those cans of frozen orange concentrate.) Cheap dirty bum me would extend it by adding extra water, also to make it less sweet. Fred would eat that stuff undiluted with a spoon if he could get away with it!)
    Those yarns! Beautiful. Best wishes!

  6. I love the scarf!

    My hubs leaves empty containers on the kitchen island. I ask him if he’s saving them for anything. Makes me crazy.

  7. At first I thought you meant leaving the lid off the butter dish, before I noticed the butter stick violation. We have a large German Shepherd that loves to get into the butter, and dog tongue marks are a no go for me.

  8. Your blog and these comments are hilarious! The other day my grown son and daughter razed the heck out of me for skimming butter off the top of the stick. They told me I would never allow that when I was raising them. I just said, “Oh, really?” and kept on going. Lol

  9. I also bite butter. Yum. Plus i’ll take one bite out of a piece of bread, but put it back in the bag, and get a new slice to make a sandwich. Poor partner.

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