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A Twisted Tale

My latest adventures in knitting have been nothing short of wild. Read a brief twisted tale of a new technique (to me). And maybe challenge yourself.

Beginning A Twisted Tale

But first a reminder:

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The Twisted Tale

Inspiration is the beginning of most of my knitting adventures. This one is no different. And if you combine beauty with a challenge, I will almost certainly be inspired.

Those two elements (beauty and a challenge) converged recently and I’ve acted on the resulting inspiration.


In this case, the challenge came first. Knitting with the guys on the daily zoom meet-up, someone started a new project. It was a moebius cowl design that called for Cat Bordhi’s Moebius Cast-On (MCO). He was reading through the pattern and surmising that the special cast-on was just a way to put a twist into round. Someone familiar with the technique said it wasn’t. It was more than that. “Hmmmm…I may need to check into this,” I thought. But I wasn’t yet fully inspired.


Then someone in the Zoom meet-up showed me this design.

Moebius Cowl - Spiral Euphoria

It’s the Spiral Euphoria Cowl by Lavish Craft.  NOW I was intrigued.

I had to learn the Cat Bordhi Moebius Cast-On…and I had to try knitting this beautiful cowl. And I am thrilled with both.

The moebius cast-on and knitting technique is brilliant. I can’t imagine how Cat figured this one out. It kind of hurts my brain to understand it. So, I can’t imagine what it would do to a brain to come up with this technique.

And Lavish Craft has used it in a very clever and beautiful way.  If you have a very long circular cable needle and you’re at all intrigued, I highly recommend you try this out. Very satisfying.

Current Knitting

When inspiration strikes, I have little power to do anything but start a new project.

Spiral Euphoria 01-27-21 04

If you look closely at the needles, you can follow them around. And just like a moebius strip, a full circuit around  from tip to tip will have you knitting both the top and the bottom of the cowl. INGENIOUS!

2 comments on “A Twisted Tale

  1. I had made a moebius scarf before Cat invented the cast-on. That method had you pick up stitches from your cast-on edge. What Cat’s cast-on does is put those pickups on the needle already. Her Moebius Cast-On is basically a provisional cast-on using the circular needle cable as your “waste” yarn. (I’m not suggesting she wasn’t brilliant; just saying “Here’s how I think she came up with it.”)

    I’m so sorry she’s gone. I know she had more to offer us.

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