Half Finger Gloves 02-05-21 01

Focus On Finishing Fridays In February

I mentioned I would focus on finishing four projects in the last blog entry. To add some alliteration to the mix, I be doing a FOFFIF update each Friday.

Focus On Finishing Update – February 5, 2021

With four projects that need finishing, I decided to focus on two at a time. These last two days, I worked solely on the half-finger gloves and the Spiral Euphoria Cowl.

Yes, I’m still gravitating toward the projects that bring me more joy. And avoiding more problematic projects.

Yet, while I avoided the Shaker Rib Cardigan for a while longer, I was able to finish the half-finger gloves.

I have also avoided casting on three distinct new projects that caught my eye.

All this since Wednesday!

Since I’ve finished the gloves, I will pick one of the other two projects (Shaker Rib Cardigan and Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf) to work on with the Spiral Euphoria Cowl. Any guesses on which one I’ll pick up?

February is a short month, so I need to be diligent.

Current Knitting

So here are the two projects I worked on.

Half Finger Gloves 02-05-21 03

Half Finger Gloves 02-05-21 02

Half Finger Gloves 02-05-21 01

I’ll be making more pairs of these gloves for sale at craft shows and on my virtual craft show web site.  The top photo is how I’ll be packaging them. I thought it looked nice.

Spiral Euphoria 02-05-21 01

The Spiral Euphoria Cowl is moving along nicely. I am loving how it is turning out.

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  1. I enjoy your blog. Very inspiring. Long time knitting and crocheter (beadwork as well). Thank you for your great content. Oh yes! I really enjoyed your “100 things and 100 more things about me”.

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