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Three Out of Four

With less than half the month finished, I have completed three out of four projects. Seems like Focus on Finishing February is going well!

What Are The Three Out of Four Projects?

First of all, I need to come clean.

I only started this Focus On Finishing February project as a way to push myself to finish one project. The Shaker Rib Cardigan.

And which one haven’t I completed yet? Exactly.

I have finished the Half-Finger Gloves, the Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf and now the Spiral Euphoria Cowl (see details in Current Knitting below).

Half Finger Gloves 02-05-21 03 Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf CSS0052 02 Spiral Euphoria 02-05-21 01

But to be fair, I have prepared to finish the Shaker Rib Cardigan as well. I measured the initial sweater.

Shaker Rib Cardigan New 02-09-21 01

Turns out, I have less work to do on the cardigan. My gauge made the body of the cardigan wider than called for. And since it’s drop-shoulder, the sleeves won’t need to be as long. Or as man stitches wide.  I only have 1 more inch on the first sleeve!

But I do have the second sleeve, the pocket edge, and the button-band/collar to knit.

Overall, I think it’s all doable within the month.

Which is a good thing…I have a test-knit to work on and two new designs bubbling in my brain!

Current Knitting

As noted above, I have finished the Spiral Euphoria Cowl.

Tractor Wheel Moebius Cowl MC0010 00

Tractor Wheel Moebius Cowl MC0010 01

Tractor Wheel Moebius Cowl MC0010 02

Tractor Wheel Moebius Cowl MC0010 00


I really love this design. And I love the yarn I used for it (don’t ask me what two yarns I used, I have no idea…I think they both may have been unmarked tag sale table items from one of the Men’s Knitting Retreats).

I will tell you that this is not a beginner project.  It uses Cat Bordhi’s moebius cast-on. It also requires a VERY LONG circular cable needle (mine was 60″){-promotional link}. And moving the stitches along a moebius-twisted cable needle wasn’t easy.

But I’d still highly recommend the pattern if you’re up for some challenges.


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  1. I love this idea. Maybe I’ll do a finishing March! I certainly have enough WIPs to warrant it! At the moment, I’m about to cast on, so you know, I can’t do a finishing February. But I am inspired!

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