Itching To Start A New Project - It Itches

Itching To Start a New Project!

It’s amazing that all it takes is a restriction on new projects. Now I’m itching to start a new project. I guess it’s incentive to finish my last WIP.

Design Ideas – Itching to Start a New Project

Sometimes my mind feels completely barren of ideas when it comes to designing a new project. But put a restriction on my ability to start one? The ideas start to flow freely.

I currently have three reasons to quickly finish the Shaker Rib Cardigan project. Once I’ve finished all four outstanding projects, I plan on:

  1. Working on a test-knit for the designer of the Sankofa Cowl (Michael).
  2. Design and publish a hat pattern for bikers, walkers and runners that keeps ears and back of the neck warm.
  3. Work on a new cowl design incorporating at least two of Cat Bordhi’s brilliant design ideas.

I am REALLY excited about all three.  My hands are rather twitchy wanting to start them all.

Honestly, I’m trying to funnel all that energy into finishing the Shaker Rib Cardigan. You’ll see below that even Finn is putting up roadblocks.

But I will prevail!

Current Knitting

At least the good news is that I’ve made progress on the Shaker Rib Cardigan.

Shaker Rib Cardigan 02-11-21 01

Despite Finn’s obstructionism, I have finished the first sleeve and made quite a bit of progress on the second sleeve.

Shaker Rib Cardigan 02-11-21 02

Finishing the second sleeve, doing the button-band/collar, doing the pocket edge and sewing it up.

Then I can scratch the itch!

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