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Benefits To Zoom Meetups

It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been hosting a guy’s fiber zoom meetup every day since March of last year. But there have been many benefits to Zoom meetups.

My Top Five Benefits To Zoom Meetups

  1. Worldwide audience of possible participants. While time zones can restrict which guys show up for the daily Zoom meetup, we have had many countries represented. Portugal, Philippines, England, Germany, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Australia. And the U.S. of course.
  2. Expanded community of guys in the fiber community. I have been a long-time advocate of the men’s fiber-arts community. Through the Men’s Knitting Retreats, I have met hundreds, maybe thousands of guys. So it was kind of surprising that most of the guys who showed up each day were guys I had never met. Or even known about.
  3. Encouraging designers. There have been a number of designers in our group. Some completely new. And very enthusiastic and creative. It’s been awesome to both encourage and support their efforts.
  4. Learning new techniques. Even after 35 years of knitting, these guys have taught me new things. It’s honestly amazing to consistently realize that the opportunities for learning in this craft are seemingly infinite.
  5. Exposing myself to new yarns, new designs and new tools. The moebius cowl I recently finished was a good example of a new design and technique. Someone was working on a new (to me) shawl pattern that I had to try (see Current Knitting below). Wellen Pink by Sue Berg. But in 3 hours a day, the guys tell me about beautiful new (to me) yarns. And even new tools (like MJ Yarns crochet hook sets, which I think are gorgeous!)

There are some downsides to Zoom meetups. And perhaps I’ll come up with a top-five list of disadvantages some day. But for the most part, these meetings have been a life-saver during times of not going out in public except when necessary.

Current Knitting

More focus on one project than the other three. But making a lot of progress.

WsIP 02-22-21

Of the four WsIP, I have made no progress on the Wellen in Green lace shawl. But I have done some work on the other three. The fingerless gloves, I’ve made it past the cuff and onto the hand of the first glove. The Activity Cap, I have made it to the purl/folding row on the hemmed band.

But mostly, I have made progress on the test-knit for the Provenance Mitts.

Provenance Mitts Test Knit 02-22-21 05

Yes…the first mitt is finished and the second one I’ve finished the initial ribbing. Here are some photos of this great project.

Provenance Mitts Test Knit 02-22-21 01

The Sankofa is the main motif of this project and it looks so good in flaming orange.

Provenance Mitts Test Knit 02-22-21 04

The other side has a completely different motif (mirrored hearts) that I just love.  Even the wrong side of the mitts look great.

Provenance Mitts Test Knit 02-22-21 02

I’m enjoying this test-knit a lot. I have a feeling a lot of folks will be buying this pattern when it gets published. It’s a great design and the resulting mitt is very warm and snug and soft.


5 comments on “Benefits To Zoom Meetups

  1. I heart the Zoom meeting – and appreciate your hosting (and Facebook reminders with the link)! I hope that the group continues in some fashion when life starts to return to our new “normal”. And…I can’t wait to hear your version of “ZOOMO” when your Wellen scarf is completed!

  2. I also need to figure out how to get a different avatar. It’s someone getting wine spilled on them from a comic strip I follow and comment on. It was ok for a minute when the storyline it came from was running, but it’s embarrassing now.

  3. Your Michael Green’s design “Sankofa” mitten is so beautiful. Those colors glow! Your floats are fantastic!
    The men’s knitting zoom has meant so much to me. Such a fun, interesting and talented bunch of guys I never would have gotten to know had it not been for these online gatherings. And the wonderful bonus is we all also knit, crochet and more. Thank you!

  4. Oh, those Provenance mitts are gorgeous and I am pretty sure that I will be buying the pattern. Can you tell us what they yarn you are using is?

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