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Making It Real

Someone once defined a powerful person as someone who could turn ideas into reality. Knitters are powerful by taking a concept and making it real. No?

Are You Making It Real?

There are many examples over the last few decades where I have taken a concept and turned it into an actual garment. Sometimes successfully. Sometimes not so much. The feature photo today is a chart I came up with for a neck treatment on a sweater I was making. The sweater motif (by Marianne Isager) was beautiful, but I wanted a different sweater design. Including the neck.

Stranded Sweater Done2

I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to successfully go from concept to reality.

Watching an enthusiastic new designer go through this experience recently has reminded me of another valuable use for having a design test-knit.

If you’ve not heard of Yarn Pond yet, it’s something I’d like to suggest you take a look at.  It’s a web site that brings together knitwear designers with willing test-knitters. It also provides a forum for them to communicate about the test-knitting and the design and coordinate the efforts of multiple testers. As a tester for the latest design by MGZDesignsCo, I’ve been able to have input on a great new design. But even more importantly, I’m watching how exciting it is to have someone’s design go from a brilliant concept into a beautiful reality.

I’m thinking I will actually have my next design test-knit. I want that exhilaration! Again.

Current Knitting

The test-knit I’m working on are the Provenance Mitts by Michael Green.

Provenance Mitts Test Knit 02-24-21 02

Provenance Mitts Test Knit 02-24-21 01

Michael has drawn on a very rich heritage to create a meaningful and VERY beautiful pair of open-end mittens. I’m more than halfway through the second mitt. And I’ve enjoyed watching Michael’s pleasure as they progress.

My next design is going to be a headband and/or hat design. It will be specifically for active people.

Activities Hat Headband Version AHH0010

This is the headband version and I’m currently working on a full-hat version.

Activities Cap Headband 02-24-21 01

There will be a video walking beginners through the entire process of making this hat. It will serve as a tutorial for crochet provisional cast-on, folded hem, wrap & turn short rows and various other techniques, such as how to count rows of knitting.

I’ve got a bit of work before I put this out for test-knitting. But I’m already excited about it.

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