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Changing My Mind

I highly encourage you to consider doing this at least once in a while. It’s a healthy decision…changing my mind.

About What Am I Changing My Mind?

First of all, the ability to change one’s mind is important. It’s an indicator that you’re not so arrogant as to think you know everything. Or at least everything you think you need.

I’ve blogged about this before. But having the realization that the extent of my ignorance is infinite, is really an amazing blessing. It makes me realize that I don’t know everything. That I can reverse an earlier decision. I can see that I can look at different ways of accomplishing something.

Most recently, this has come up with pattern testing.

I’m writing up the pattern for the Activity Cap/Headband.

Activity Headband

This pattern is making me question all sorts of things. How I design. The way I document a pattern. How I write the pattern. The use of charts.

So, I’ve decided to put this design out for test-knitting.

I’m grateful that there is a good place for looking for a test-pool of knitters. is a web site that allows you to publish a test-knit, find a testing pool and correspond with any comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

If you’d like to test-knit either the headband or the cap (no photo yet), just sign up as a tester on

Just as a footnote. In preparing the pattern for testing, I found a couple of mistakes already that I probably wouldn’t have noticed. Already glad I’m having this one test-knit!

Current Knitting

I am working on the full cap version of the Activities Cap/Headband pattern.

Activities Cap-Headband 02-26-21 01

It doesn’t seem like much in photos, but the thick, lush double-layer fabric in this beauty is warm and comfortable!

I’m also working like a bulldog (just won’t let it go) on the Provenance Mitts test-knit.

Provenance Mitts 02-26-21 01

They are so beautiful and the pattern is so compelling that I have almost finished. I’m thinking about knitting the smaller size as well.  Just know that I will be yelling when this pattern is published.  I have a feeling it will be VERY popular.

1 comment on “Changing My Mind

  1. There’s a joke in my family that I always have to be right. I’m trying to be better, but I have a hard time letting other people be So Wrong.
    Anyways, the humbling feeling of realizing that my way isn’t the only or even the best way is great for personal growth. That doesn’t mean I like it though.
    Knitting is a big help with this, because there is always another way, and figuring why and how to do something in a particular situation is a big part of the fun for me. Does that make me a nerd? I’ve been called worse.
    Your mitts are beautiful! I love the colors.
    And I’ll be knitting that hat when it comes out as my ears and neck are always freezing. I have a headband, but it’s polar fleece, which hurts my knitters heart.

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