Its A Success - Activity Cap - Full Cap in Bottle Green AC0010 03 cropped

It’s A Success!

Anytime I’m designing a new garment, it can be VERY iffy. With the latest Activity Cap/Headband, it’s a success.

Hat? Headband? Both? – It’s a Success

Perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

  • Yes, I have completed the design of a new earflap cap (or headband) I’m calling the Activities Cap/Headband.
  • I’ve successfully knit just the headband and the full hat (see current knitting below).
  • The pattern has been written.
  • There is a small pool of test-knitters who are helping me make the pattern as error-free and clear as possible (they are awesome!).
  • 16% of the test-knitters have completed the testing.

Many folks have mentioned that this cap looks like the 1898 Hat. And it does. The hats are both designed very differently. This design uses some of the following techniques:

  • Crocheted Provisional Cast-On
  • Knitting In-The-Round
  • Wrap & Turn Short-Rows
  • Folded Hem – Using a Purl-Row Natural Fold Line
  • Grafting Provisional Cast-On to Active Stitches for Folded Hem

The pattern hasn’t been published yet, but drop me a message if you’d like to be notified when it is.

Current Knitting

I’m overall quite pleased with my progress on Focus on Finishing February. In addition to finishing the four projects I set out to finish, I also cast on four more projects. And finished two of them!

The first one is the Activities Cap/Headband.

It's a Success - Activity Cap - Full Cap in Bottle Green AC0010 03

Activities Hat Headband Version AHH0010

Activities Cap-Headband 03-01-21 01

I am thrilled with this hat design. the headband is a two-layer, thick and dense fabric that is soft, warm and squishy. The cap is rather ordinary, but with my thinning hair, it’s nice to have the extra warmth.

I will be publishing the pattern in the next couple of weeks.

I also finished the Provenance Mitts by Michael Green. They deserve their own blog post. So tune in on Wednesday for those beauties.

18 comments on “It’s A Success!

  1. Your hat looks wonderful and just what I need to cover my unruly ears! Please let me know when your pattern is released. Thank you. Love that green! Best wishes!

  2. Hi Joe! Since I just recently cut my hair SUPER short, I am VERY interested in your hat pattern. Please let me know when it is available for purchase. You are so creatively talented!

  3. Definitely need to add this pattern to my purchases to be knit for next winter. Have watched half the video but thought it would be better to watch while I am actually knitting the hat and not having to stop and start the video to get the pattern. Good work!

  4. Hi Joe,
    The headband is exactly what i’ve been looking for to knit for my runs!
    Please let me know when it’s published.
    Thanks, Mary

  5. Hi Joe! This is an awesome hat! I love the way it hugs the ears without getting in your eyes! Let me know when it’s available, please! Question – can it be downsized to fit a small child?

    1. Thanks Detts…the pattern is currently only sized for a men’s-medium. I’m sure it could be easily modified to fit other heads, but it would require re-calculating all the short row numbers. I can offer that if you tell me the circumference of a hat you’d like to make, I could translate the numbers.

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