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Microsoft OneNote For Knitwear Designers

Have you ever known someone who is über-organized. They can find documents, remember things and are laser-focused on life? Not me. So, that’s why I use Microsoft OneNote.

Quick Overview of Microsoft OneNote

Someone described OneNote to me as the virtual equivalent to one of those 3-Subject spiral notebooks on steroids.

You can:

  • Draw in it.
  • Virtually “clip” and paste ideas into it.
  • Doodle, scribble, or jot down ideas (and even convert hand-scripted notes to text).
  • Add links, photos, videos, spreadsheets, e-mails, audio notes, etc.
  • Works on smart-phone, tablet and desktop/laptop and synchronizes to all of them
  • Search all your notes for a specific items easily.

And it can have as many “subject” sections as you want. It’s not just a 3-subject. It’s an infinity-subject notebook!

The search feature is what makes it awesome. In seconds, I can locate a page in my virtual notebook no matter how many millions of pages I’ve created.

As a person who uses mostly Apple products, many have suggested that EverNote is as good or better. This may be true, but I am familiar with OneNote and it does all (and more) than I need.

OneNot Video Tutorial – Knit Designing With QueerJoe

Watch a short video on some ways I’ve made my knit-designing so much easier and more organized.

Current Knitting

As noted, I finished the Provenance Mitts by MGZDesignsCo. and they are really fantastic.

Provenance Mitts 03-01-21 01

Provenance Mitts 03-02-21 03

Provenance Mitts 03-02-21 04

Provenance Mitts 03-02-21 02

Provenance Mitts 03-02-21 01

I liked the pattern so much, I’ll be making another version. I’ll make the smaller version using the same yarn. Just reverse main color and contrasting color.

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