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One of the trickiest and most important areas of personal growth is getting past blindspots. How do you know they’re there if they are blindspots?

Most Critical Areas Of Personal Progress I Don’t Know About

First of all, not being able to see personal defects of character isn’t an excuse for not addressing them.

Yes, they take a lot more work than obvious issues. But usually, blindspots are those areas where friends and family are least likely to tell you about. And personally, I am least likely to be receptive to hearing about them. And they usually create these pacts between loved ones…I won’t call you on your shit if you don’t call me on mine. Pervasive and persistent, these areas of ignorance are hard to root out. But I find I must.

Finding out about them requires someone or something outside myself to help make me aware.

The most recent person flaw I’ve been trying to address is the impact of privilege. Yes, white privilege, gender privilege, class privilege,  and all those areas where I’ve had unearned advantage.

Thaddeus sent me a great article by Heather Cox Richardson on the amazing history of racist oligarchy in our Federal government.

It was one more example of history that was never taught in any school I attended. It was one more example of why I need to use my privilege to work toward eliminating it.

The article also makes it clear that Washington DC needs top become our 51st State. I will begin petitioning my elected officials in Congress right away. Among other things.

I recognize I am still flawed in many ways. I will continue working to be better.

Current Knitting

Finished re-working the latest Activity Cap in royal blue.

Activity Cap Royal Blue ACH0020 03

Activity Cap Royal Blue ACH0020 02

Activity Cap Royal Blue ACH0020 01

It turned out really well, even though I had to adapt to a different gauge with this yarn. I just reduced the number of rows in the crown before decreasing.

I also finished the latest pair of half-finger gloves.

Fingerless Gloves FG0020 01

Fingerless Gloves FG0020 02

Fingerless Gloves FG0020 03

They weren’t up on the web site for an hour before they were purchased. So I started a new pair in a color I just love.

Fingerless Gloves 03-15-21 01

This heathered sage green is really rich and beautiful. Can’t wait to see how fast they sell!

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  1. As always, I love your colors. That royal blue! And that heathered sage green. I might have waited for that pair! Beautiful yarns!

  2. The hat and the gloves are very nice. You do great work Joe. You should be very proud of your skill. Getting though one project is enough for me.

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