Fair Isle Designing Screen Shot

Fair Isle Designing

Years ago, I tried to design a Fair Isle sweater design for boys. I realized a few things about Fair Isle designing.

Fair Isle Designing Lessons

First I learned that I suck at envisioning what different colors will look like in a Fair Isle design.

Second, I realized that the graphic or motif plays a big part in how to make an appealing color combination.

Finally, it was clear that I should let this type of designing be handled by the professionals.

This all happened 18 years ago. And since then, I’ve relied on others’ patterns for the necessary expertise.

Donegal Collar Others Fair isle

I’m venturing out on a new project.  I’ll be making 5 inch square swatches in Fair Isle designs. At least 12 of them. And honestly, I’m not sure how well it will go.

I’m grateful for sites like Interweave’s for advice. But any others with insider information, please feel free to offer.

Current Knitting

These Activity Caps have become rather addicting.

Activity Cap 03-22-21 02

Activity Cap 03-22-21 01

Activity Cap 03-22-21 QJ

This one has a little accent color at the bottom and in a thin stripe. At this rate, I’ll have a lot of inventory for my first in-person craft show at the end of the year!

I also made some progress on the latest pair of half-finger gloves.

Half Finger Gloves 03-22-21 01

These always look like a mess until they don’t. I love working with this pattern.

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