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I Can Stop Anytime I Want

When someone starts saying “I can stop anytime I want,” you know there’s a possible problem. Or perhaps not?

I Can Stop Anytime I Want – I Just Don’t Want To

That added extra clause doesn’t make it look any better. I’m aware.

This morning during my morning latte and knitting time, I noticed a lot of yarn on the coffee table and living room couch.

Knitting on Couch

Wondering if Thaddeus minded, I justified it as “not that much.” Right? Then I started surveying other areas of the house. Like my television-viewing space.

Yarn and Knitting on television seat table and hassock  03-24-21 01

Or the back door where I photograph yarn and knitting for the blog.

And of course my desk where I Zoom knit these days. And blog. I also post blog entries, write patterns and post finished garments to my Virtual Craft Show Web Site for selling them.

Technically, it’s part of my crafting area, but there’s a lot of knitting stuff around my circular sock knitting space too.

Yarn on Floor Tool Bench 03-24-21 01Yarn on Floor Tool Bench 03-24-21 01

Even my finished socks and sweaters are starting to expand outside the armoire, closet and chest of drawers where we keep all our other clothes.

Socks and Sweater Bench

Yes, Thaddeus puts up with a lot of my stuff everywhere.

And while I’m not quite ready to give up this obsession yet, I do realize I need to at least contain it a bit better, so Thaddeus doesn’t realize just how much it’s encroaching.

So now you all know another of my dirty little secrets. Try not to judge too harshly.

Current Knitting

At least I’m a productive knit, right? Right?

I finished an Activity Headband (just the double-layer brim part of the design).

Activity Headband 03-24-21 01 (1)

This one is reversible (if you don’t mind a subtle row of purl bumps at the top).

Activity Headband 03-24-21 01

I’m grateful I can sell these for just $25. I think that will be a good price-point for my local buyers.

The first of the latest pair of half-finger gloves is finished (including the weaving in of lots of ends).

Half Finger Gloves 03-24-21 01

I’ve just started the second glove of the pair. I like how quickly these go. And unless there’s an intervention preventing me from continuing to knit a lot, I will have quite a few pairs of these gloves in inventory on the web site.

5 comments on “I Can Stop Anytime I Want

  1. Well, thanks for sharing this. My knitting is restricted to one end of the couch where I normally knit. My sewing stuff is in my sewing room. I still know that both areas are messy and off-putting to any non-participant. Glad to know I am not alone.

  2. I love it when I decide to organize my stuff and find a project I forgot about. I have stuff in the bedroom, living room and my sewing room and 2 closets. Someday I hope to get it all in one place!

  3. This post made me really happy. I hope Thaddeus gets a share of your production! I’ve never been sure if the Sweater Curse applies to husbands as well as boyfriends. My “sweater drawers” were outgrown long ago. I’m seriously considering felting the sweaters that haven’t been worn in years and cutting them up to make a memory-filled patchwork blanket.

  4. I read this yesterday and laughed as I have a humongous yarn stash. Then I received an email from my favorite yarn store, 20% off the entire store, one day only on 3/26/21. Yes I went today and two shopping bags later, added to my stash. However, I can stop anytime I want to. SMH

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