Going To Leave A Mark - Frogged Fishermans Rib Sweater Almost Complete 04-02-21 02

That Is Going To Leave A Mark

This total mess is almost gone. But not forgotten or forgiven. Like other big mistakes, it’s going to leave a mark.

Trauma Is Always Going To Leave A Mark

I finally got around to unraveling a fully completed “sweater.” That word is in quotes, because it could just as easily been called a tent with pockets.

QueerJoe Swatch Meme Dont Be Like Joe

It will be a while before I can forgive myself for being so delusional about a knitting project. There is no excuse. It’s bad enough that I finished all the pieces (back, front, pocket linings, sleeves, button-band, collar) without realizing it was going to be ridiculously large. But I bypassed all that chatter in my head and sewed it all up. And wove in all the ends.

On a more positive note, my talents for sewing up and weaving in ends is extremely advanced.

As I started to try and dismantle this thing, not only did I have difficulty finding my woven in ends. But they were incredibly stubborn in loosening and coming out.

Which sucked for undoing a sweater. There were times I consider putting the entire mess into a wood chipper. But that would have only made a shitty situation worse.

Current Knitting

Since unweaving-in-ends, unsewing and unknitting is as much work as any other project, I have made scant progress on my real knitting project.

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-02-21 02 Wellen in Pink in Green 04-02-21 01

The Wellen In Pink (in green) scarf is about halfway finished. I have decided I will only use the one hank of lace-weight yarn. I won’t go into the second hank even if it’s not as long as I’d hoped.


3 comments on “That Is Going To Leave A Mark

  1. Just so you don’t feel so lonesome….Mine was the Mutant Sweater. For someone who had no shoulders. ZERO. Raglan, bottom up, and a brain fart to add in a nice cable up the centre of the sleeve. A nice cushy cable, involving a large number of sts. Did I hesitate and redo the math because that portion of the knitting was close to double the gauge?? (Majority of sweater…5sts to the inch. Cable…9 sts to the inch). So the shoulders really didn’t exist. I was not as strong as you. I have done a marvellous job of sewing seams and hiding ends. On a bad day in mid winter in snow storm, I threw the whole thing away. Yes. An entire sweater in beautiful Shetland wool from local sheep, just gone.

  2. Your “Don’t be like Joe” poster is so funny! Thanks for the PSA warning! Hope the unraveling mark fades over time, the lesson sticks and you can go on to reuse the yarn. I may have some unravelling to do as well….

  3. Knitters Logic: When a small voice tells you your project isn’t going to work in any dimension, but you ignore the voice and continue, thinking, “It’ll be ok.” (Thank you Yarn Harlot.)

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