Birthday Cake Joe 2021

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday was yesterday, but I still wanted to say “Happy Birthday to me!”  The day included two of the things I love most. Yarn and cake.

What Made It Such a Happy Birthday To Me?

It started off with a latte (like most days).

Birthday Latte 04-04-21

One of my superstitions is that if I make nice latte art in the morning, the day will be a good one. So we’ll just assume I’m going to have a good year based on this latte art.

Also, some of you may know that last year, I ordered a caramel cake from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.

Caramel Birthday Cake Savannahs Candy Kitchen

I can’t recommend this cake enough. If you like really sweet things and really good, moist cake, you will love this one. Three layers of really good cake with an amazing caramel/praline kind of frosting. So good, that we’ve gifted some people with one.

We just had this cake for Thaddeus’ birthday back in February, so I considered ordering a different cake from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. But the only other cake I really considered was their coconut cake. And we have a local Amish Market that sells an excellent coconut cake.

So we went with that.

Happy Birthday To Me - Birthday Cake 04-02-21 01

Thaddeus also slaved over a hot stove to make me homemade empañadas.

Birthday Empanadas 2021

He knows how much I love them.

I also ordered some yarn for myself!

Small Fish Yarns 80 SW BFL 20 Nylon Sock Random Attraction Colorway

This is an 80%/20% Superwash Blue Face Leicester / Nylon sock yarn from Small Fish Yarns (a Canadian indie dyer). The colorway is Random Attraction. She also sent some tea with the order (which went very well with birthday cake!). Her yarns are beautiful and her customer service is perfect.

I also ordered a knitting book and yarn from Jamieson & Smith (in the U.K.), so I can extend my birthday celebration a bit.

Current Knitting

There is continued progress with Wellen in Pink (in Green).

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-05-21 01

While this design does not create the same fabric on both sides, the garment definitely looks good on either side.

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-05-21 FrontWellen in Pink in Green 04-05-21 Back

I’m quite pleased with how this lacy scarf is coming out. I’m up to about 12 repeats. It looks like I’ll end up doing 16-18.

8 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Happy birthday! I too love coconut cake, and the blues and greens in that yarn, so this post was like a present to me this morning: thanks! I hope your latte brings in a good year.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Great to hear about your celebration! That breakfast looks so delicious and so does that coconut cake! And that spectacular yarn! Those colors! My birthday is today. We actually were able to get together with my family yesterday and we celebrated my and my brother Andrew’s birthday (March) as well! I made Tres Leches Cake! Today I might make a Black Forest Cake! Best wishes for your “new” year and every day! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a lovely day. Here is to an exciting and creative new year for you.

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