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Favorite Cheese

One part of adulting is that you get to have a favorite cheese. My favorite (at least of those available in the U.S.) is a rather less-known cheese called Explorateur.

What Is Your Favorite Cheese – And Why?

For those of you who have never had l’Explorateur cheese, I would highly recommend you try it. Especially if you’re a regular reader here at QueerJoe. It will give you an excellent sense about whether you should take my advice on what tastes good. And what doesn’t

If you love this cheese, it’s a good sign you can take my advice on good things to eat.

On the other hand, if you think it’s just okay or worse, you may want to look elsewhere for food recommendations.

A few things about this cheese:

  • It’s a triple-crème cheese with 75% milk fat
  • Explorateur is made in France from pasteurized cow’s milk
  • It is not considered vegetarian (they must use rennet or some other animal product to produce this cheese)
  • The flavor is mild and salty – the closer you get to the rind, the more sharp it gets
  • Shelf life for this delicacy isn’t extremely long, so locating a place that carries it hasn’t been very easy
  • I recommend a very simple cracker for this cheese, and it pairs well with most Spring and Fall fruits (apple, pear, apricot, cherry, etc)

Finally, I have never served this cheese to anyone that didn’t like it. And I have also never found a cheese that is a close substitute. So if your cheese-monger (is can you use monger with cheese?) doesn’t carry it, feel free to try a substitute. Just know that it will not be the same.

Do you have a favorite cheese or two?

Current Knitting

I am so close to finishing the Wellen in Pink (in green) scarf.

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-07-21 02

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-07-21 01

It’s currently about 62″ long, so I only have about 2 or 3 more repeats.  I will be glad to have this one off the needles and blocked.

Next up is another test knit for Michael Green’s new design (mosaic shawl). Can’t wait!

4 comments on “Favorite Cheese

  1. My favorite cheese is Fromager d’Affinois, a soft, double-crème cheese with a lovely buttery flavor, also made in France from cow’s milk, close to but not quite a brie. Explorateur sounds like a cheese I’d like very much, so I’ll start looking for it.

  2. Yes, I think a “cheese-monger” is absolutely a thing! We have a local fromagerie (cheese-monger in French, of course!), so perhaps I can locate this. I have a few favorites but really like local-ish cheeses (we’re in Wisconsin), including Pleasant Ridge Reserve (alpine style but made in WI) and Prairie Breeze (delightfully crumbly cheddar style, made in Iowa)

  3. Up here north of the border, we have Oka cheese which I adore. It’s hard and mild but rich at the same time. Melts beautifully.

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