The Spring Thaw - Bradford Pear Trees

The Spring Thaw

I know it’s been about three weeks since the Spring equinox. But the loosening of the World, the spring thaw, has just started to become apparent for me.

My Ideas About the Spring Thaw

There are a few annual indicators of the World re-emerging for me. There are also a few new indicators.

  1. The Trees Budding – The townhouse complex where I live has a number of Spring-blooming trees, and they are just opening up now. Allergies come along with that. But the beauty brings a lot of joy despite that.
  2. The Birds are Calling – I’m not a birder. I don’t have a life-list. But I recognize some insistent calls each year. Not by breed. I have no idea what birds make these wonderful sounds. But they are definitely one of the strongest indicators of Spring’s arrival for me. This year, the cacophony of sound makes me long to be back at Easton Mountain. Waking up to this aural delight each morning in their housing lodge is a glorious way to start my day. And it’s still unlikely that I’ll be able to be their until September this year.
  3. Loosening Up of COVID Sequestering – As more and more people get vaccinated, there seems to be a renewed hope. I still have vaccine envy. And let me remind people, that this isn’t over. We still have a ways to go. So please help keep yourself and your community safe and healthy.

Many of you know that I’m not a huge fan of Winter. I couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s getting warmer outside. We’ve started bicycling again. I also look forward to wearing shorts and t-shirts outside. And having a little color in my legs so I can be seen in public in shorts.

Like most years, this emerging Spring brings me hope. And for that I’m grateful.

What is Spring for you?

Current Knitting

FO! Sorry for the “screen reader” apps that just yelled “fo” but I am excited fo’ this finished object.

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-09-21 03

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-09-21 01

Wellen in Pink in Green 04-09-21 01

The Wellen in Pink (in Green) is finished. The ends are woven in. and I’ve done a light steam blocking.  Final measurements are about 14″ x 71″.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out.

Next up – A test-knit for one of my favorite new and upcoming designers, Michael Green. His first two designs were just perfect.

Sankofa Cowl Finished 01

From all appearances, his new design (a shawl) will be equally as awesome. I’ll keep you updated!

1 comment on “The Spring Thaw

  1. I love the flowers in spring, and the fresh smell in the air. And the warmth- I really hate being cold.
    Your color choices for your FOs are gorgeous- and the colorwork really pops.
    I’m not sure what it’s like where you live, but hopefully your vaccine envy won’t be around too much longer. I have to admit, being able to hug people again has been amazing. You are right about us collectively needing to keep it up a bit longer so we can truly re-emerge safely. The increase in cases has been really disheartening since by the end of May we could be in really good shape if we can be careful for just a little bit longer.

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