Quick and Dirty Knitting

Quick And Dirty

Today will have to be a quick and dirty blog post.  For a retired man during a pandemic who is staying away from the public as much as possible, I seem to be very busy.

Quick And Dirty Blog Post Description

It’s a lot of very good things keeping me busy. These good things have little to do with knitting. Or if they do have something to do with knitting, I can’t discuss it publicly yet. Or if it does have something to do with knitting and I can discuss it publicly, I’m too busy to do so. But just know that life is good these days. In fact, I had a glut of good news this past week or two.

My 62nd year seems to be going very well right now. I don’t want to put the kein ayin hara on it or anything, but I am feeling quite joyful and grateful lately.

Got all that?

Current Knitting

I mentioned previously that I had started a new test-knit by Michael Green.

Knowledge is Key Shawl 04-12-21 02

Despite having had to rip back about 12 rows, I am still making progress. This will eventually be the large version of his Knowledge is Key Shawl.

I think people are really going to like this design. I do and so do all the test knitters so far as I can tell.

I’ll keep you updated.

6 comments on “Quick And Dirty

  1. Really happy to hear that things are good and there is lots of good news! Yay glut!
    And yay busy! Your test knit for Michael is looking wonderful. Always those gorgeous colors you choose!
    I had to look up kein ayin hara. Now I will have to look up its pronunciation!
    Best wishes!

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