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A co-worker used to deride another co-workers about her iPhone. If she was without it for a minute or more, she’d start to shake and sweat. That she was iPhone-Dependent.

Turns Out…I’m iPhone-Dependent

I discovered that I had a small crack in the crystal on my iPhone. I could still use it. But on a previous phone, a crack in the crystal allowed for it to corrupt the phone’s hardware in such a way that they couldn’t replace the crystal. The people at Apple seemed to indicate that leaving a crack un-corrected could allow for corruption more easily.

So even though I could easily use my iPhone and the crack was getting worse, I decide to get it replaced.

I have AppleCare on this phone, so it was only about US$30 to get it replaced.

Since I’m not vaccinated, I decided to do the repair by sending it in instead of going to an Apple Store. I just packed up the phone and will drop it off in a FedEx box in an hour or so.

I miss the phone already.

Sad by true. I have an old iPhone that I can use. But I really had grown to rely on the functionality of the newer phone.

Today’s photos are taken with the old iPhone. They’re not as good.

It’s a good lesson to learn. And hopefully I’ll have more knitting time without it for a few days.

I’m also grateful that 1st-World problems are all I have to worry about these days.

Current Knitting

The test-knit of the Knowledge is Key Shawl continues, and I’m really enjoying this project.

Knowledge is Key Shawl 04-14-21 02

I told Michael that I was going to re-engineer his design to cast on the finished number of stitches and decrease instead of increase. I much prefer a project to get easier and easier.ย  But honestly, I’m not sure I want to re-figure out all the mosaic design in the shawl.

Regardless, I will be making this shawl again. Love the design and I love the fabric it’s creating.

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