A Belated Birthday Gift - A Shetlanders Fair Isle Graph Book and JS Yarn 04-16-21 01

A Belated Birthday Gift

This was a belated birthday gift. To myself. Unless you count the day I ordered it as having been “gifted”. Then it would be an early birthday gift!

My Belated Birthday Gift To Myself

Recently, I decided to try my hand at designing Fair Isle swatches of fabric.  There were only a couple of problems with this.

First, I realized I wasn’t very good at “mixing” colors using this method.

It’s very different than combining colors for multi-color sweaters and scarves and shawls. So, I realized I needed some help with choosing colors and motifs. I asked for recommendations on Facebook and on Zoom meetups. This was the most recommended book that appealed to me.

 Shetlanders Fair Isle Graph Book 04-16-21 01

A Shetlander’s Fair Isle Graph Book (promotional link) seems to be exactly what I need! But it was more expensive here in the States than if I ordered it from Jamieson & Smith in the UK.

And my second problem is that I didn’t really have a lot of “Fair-Isle-appropriate” yarn. So I ordered some while I was placing my book order!

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

I’ll discuss why I’m doing this in future blog entry.

Current Knitting

Making great headway on the Knowledge is Key Shawl by Michael Greene.


I’ve made it to the second section of mosaic knitting. My relatively short needle is holding over 300 stitches now, so it’s difficult to photograph, but it’s looking fantastic.


4 comments on “A Belated Birthday Gift

  1. It’s looking really nice Joe.

    I’m very interested in your new book as I also would love to learn how to do multiple colors 🙂

    1. It’s really pretty (but I’ve just quickly glanced at it). Most of the motifs are drawn on grid paper with colored pencils, which gives it an interesting look.

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