Mystery Printer That Wouldn't Print Orange - Epson ET-3750 Ink Tank Printer

The Mystery Printer That Wouldn’t Print Orange

Every have one of those odd things? Like the mystery printer that wouldn’t print orange?

SOLVED: Mystery Printer That Wouldn’t Print Orange

Recently, I was printing out the pin-backed buttons for social distancing and the purple was showing as gray and the orange wasn’t printing at all. WTF?!?

Like many folks, I replaced my cartridge printer with one that had tanks of ink. (promotional link)

Epson ET-3750 Ink Tank

Costco had a good deal on this printer about a year ago. And I was looking to replace my old one.  I have loved this purchase ever since.

Until this past week.

Was it my graphic software that was somehow obscuring the colors? I tried changing the order of the layers and making changes to the colors. But no matter what I tried, this:

Graphic Print

printed like this:

Print Out Problem

Gray instead of purple, different blue and no orange at all. It should have occurred to me that magenta and yellow weren’t printing. But all of the tanks were full.

So I found this google search.  I was dubious when it said to try doing a nozzle cleaning three times. But I did. And voilà! It fixed it.

Current Knitting

I am so thrilled with both my progress and the way my test-knit is going.

I’ve just reached over 400 stitches and there’s still quite a bit to knit. So I’ll be power-knitting this garment to finish it as fast as I can.

6 comments on “The Mystery Printer That Wouldn’t Print Orange

  1. Wow! A little trouble, but glad you got it fixed. I just replaced my printer with a laser printer. Can’t wait to print things for Southeast Retreat!

  2. Every time I start looking at color laser printers, I always convince myself they’re too expensive! And I totally understand how exciting it is to print off shit for the retreats!

  3. That wrap is gorgeous! I would of never put those colors together, but since I saw them here-I’m sold.

    Do you know when this pattern will be published? I think I want to make one just like this!

  4. I was just wondering about those tank printers. Will check them out. I have been absent from reading your blog for a long time but just signed up to get email notices. Yeah! You look so healthy and happy—retirement seems to suit you! And I live green and purple. Had always been a favorite combo.

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