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Never Stop Learning

If you’re passionate about something, I hope for you it’s complex and multi-faceted. So you’ll never stop learning.

With Knitting – I Never Stop Learning

Many of you know that I’ve been knitting for over 35 years. While I was self-taught, my early years of knitting gave me access to some very good local yarn stores. I’ve even worked in two of those yarn stores.

I was fortunate enough to be early into the internet-knitting world. Both forums like the KnitList and early teaching tools that generous knitters put on-line. I’ve been very connected to other knitters over the years through this blog and other ways.

And yet, with all this experience and exposure to expertise, I still continue to add skills, techniques, resources…I still continue to learn.

There are many examples recently, but here are two.

  1. Recently, I “met” someone who was doing interesting Fair Isle swatches that he was presenting as artwork. I loved the idea, so I’ve decided to use this idea for my Craft Show sales. What I didn’t realize is just how difficult designing stranded colorwork can be. A simple request on social media to the vast hive-mind, and I got a number of recommendations. That’s where the belated birthday gift came in.  I will teach myself some color design theory!
  2. A much simpler opportunity for learning came with my current knitting project. The project calls for hundreds of M1R and M1L.  Normally, I convert M1’s into invisible increases (knitting into the stitch below the next stitch). But since I’m test-knitting this garment, I wanted to follow the instructions. Which meant I had to learn how to do a M1L (I already knew how to do a M1R). A quick YouTube search and I am now a M1L expert!

Exposing myself to knitters of all levels and being receptive to learning new things is the secret to seemingly infinite learning.  I highly recommend it!

Current Knitting

Getting closer and closer to the bind-off on the Knowledge Is Key Shawl by Michael Green.

Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-23-21 02 Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-23-21 01

Last blog entry, I was here:

Now I’m here:

Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-23-21 03

I love how it feels like I’m completing multiple projects each time I finish a new section of this shawl. Makes for a fun knit.

4 comments on “Never Stop Learning

  1. Added weaving to my stable of fiber-y interests 5 years ago. Like knitting. Can be great fun with just the basics and some dum colors or you can deep dive into fancy techniques. I tend to add whole new crafts instead of the deep dive, but definitely still learning!

  2. I use, thanks to Stephen West, “I’ll be RIGHT BACK”, and “I LEFT the FRONT door open” to remember how to insert my left needle in the bar, before twisting the stitch. Jean Miles mentioned it in her blog.

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