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Clicking On Those Links!

Recently I experimented with advertising my Craft Show Sales web site on Facebook. I only got charged by Facebook when folks started clicking on those links.

Weaponizing My Click Strategy – Clicking On Those Links

My Facebook advertising experiment didn’t work. I ended up paying about $25 for “clicks” to a targeted audience. But I got no purchases.

But I did realize I could penalize companies I don’t like by clicking on their advertising links.

So every time I see a Chick-Filay or Homo Depot ad, I click on that fucker.

Maybe it’s petty. And perhaps it won’t have any impact at all. But just knowing that these asshole companies get charged each time I click on their ad, makes me happy.

And if hundreds of people joined me, it would increase the impact.

If you’re someone who wants to see targeted ads for things you like, this tactic isn’t for you. Because clicking on companies you hate, will make more of those ads appear. And less ads that you might care about.

Personally, I don’t purchase items by going through a social media advertisement. I feel like I’m being manipulated. So when something like this shows up in my feed:

Trump Coin Facebook Ad

I click the shit out of that link.  Yes, it means I see a lot more photos of the Trump-with-a-goiter coin on my feed. But if enough people do this without ordering the coin, it will eventually go away!

Current Knitting

So close!  I have been doing a lot of work on the Knowledge is Key Shawl.

Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-26-21 01

The final shawl will look almost as good as Michael’s.

Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-26-21 02

But at the bottom, you can see I only have one small motif to knit before I bind off and finish this beauty.

5 comments on “Clicking On Those Links!

  1. I am so torn. It actually kind of love targeted advertising, because I ge to see all kinds of pretty fair trade eco friendly things instead of awful commercial crap, but you make a good point. Hmmmmm.

    Also, all the pictures of Michael—I mean his shawl of course— please. 😉

  2. I absolutely love the shawl ( though I currently have more than I can ever wear) honestly, I like your color choices better than Michael’s. Yours is so vibrant.

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