Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet?!?

One of the many reasons I never wanted children. So I never have to hear these words from the backseat of my car, “Are we there yet?”

With Knitting Projects – Are We There Yet?


I have to admit, I often plan my knitting time so that I can have something to show on the blog.

Since I’m working on the test-knit for Michael Green’s shawl, I was honestly hoping to have finished it in time for today’s blog post.

But you’ll not in “Current Knitting” that I’ve not quite finished this garment.  The i-cord bind-off got the better of me. Though I was working on it bleary-eyed watching television last night.  I was a bit afraid I’d doze off whilst binding off and have to tink back i-cord bind-off. Which wouldn’t be very good.

Suffice it to say, Friday will be the big reveal for this amazing garment.

Or as I’d say to my non-existent children, “Just count to 10,000.” Although, I’m not sure quite why my parents used to tell us to count to 10,000, because we would always count aloud. And I’m sure that was equally as annoying. I don’t know how parents do what they do.

Current Knitting

All I have is about 100 more stitches to bind off. In i-cord.

Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-29-21 01

But it’s looking fantastic.

Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-29-21 03

Can’t wait to model the finished product.

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