COVID Planning Chaos

COVID Event Planning

One of the more difficult parts of a pandemic, is COVID event planning. Not planning for a COVID event…planning an event in a time of COVID.

Pandemic COVID Event Planning – A Success Story?

Trying to plan a Men’s Knitting/Fiber Retreat in a pandemic world can be a pain. Even when organizing them is the joy of my life.

First-World problem, I know.

How many of you have been trying to plan a wedding? Or a family get-together. A vacation? Or even a night out?

Any advanced planning that requires travel and social interaction is fraught with obstacles:

  • Will the State where the event will take place allow for groups your size?
  • Can people travel from other States to get there? Can people travel from other countries?
  • Are you able to stay safe and make sure all attending can do the same?
  • Do participants need to be vaccinated? Or take a COVID test prior to attending?
  • Can you ask attendees if they’re vaccinated? To provide proof?
  • Will there be children present who can’t be vaccinated?
  • What rules need to be put in place? Social distancing? Masks? Food serving?

And all of these questions are also in a constant state of flux.

When we first started planning the 2021 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, we had no idea if we could. Or if we could, what restrictions would be in place. Planning starts about a year in advance (so it started in May of 2020).

With constant adaptations, we will be having the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat in a couple of weeks.  26 guys are scheduled to attend. Fortunately all of them are vaccinated. But there will still be precautions.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to rejoin society. And to have participated in re-establishing this amazing community of guys.

Current Knitting

I mentioned last blog that there will be a steeking workshop. I’m creating 25 tubes of knitted fabric.

Steek Tubes 05-03-21 01

I’m currently up to 16, with 9 more to go.  Basically, I’m inserting two after-the-fact lifelines to secure the top of one tube and the bottom of the next.

Steek Tubes 05-03-21 02

Then I snip one stitch in between the lifelines and unravel back to each lifeline. And then I will secure in all those ends.

I also re-started working on the second pair of Provenance Mitts. Also by Michael Green.

Provenance Mitts 05-03-21 01

This will be the small size version of the pattern. But I’m using the same yarn as I did for the first pair. I’ve been itching to get back to this beautiful design. I’ve been getting an inordinate amount of joy out of knitting Michael’s designs.

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