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My Primary Interest In Life

After pursuing many interests in my life, I have discovered that I have one, major primary interest in life. Deeply connected relationships with others.

More About My Primary Interest In Life

I guess it should come as no surprise. The blog. The Men’s Knitting Retreats. My social media accounts. Even my work. All of them indicate a direction toward connecting with others.

Yes, I am a VERY social person. But more so than that, I find intimate connections with others to be transformative.

Many times in the past 14 years, I have returned from one of the Men’s Knitting Retreats re-enlivened. This year’s retreat was no exception. Transformation has occurred again.

It was a smaller retreat since it was transitioning along with COVID guidelines. But a retreat with 25 guys allowed for even deeper connections. For me at least

I’ll be posting a couple of other blog posts about this past week’s retreat. But without the context of what makes them amazing, they may not bring you the same joy as writing them brings me.

MSKR 2021 - Five at Five Joe Steve Hayes Greg Doug Kirk Franklin Chet

Current Knitting

As with most retreats, I knit very little (or not at all). And the post-retreat administrative tasks allow for very little time to pick my knitting back up for at least a couple of days.

So if you come here for knitting content exclusively, you may want to re-start reading next week.

6 comments on “My Primary Interest In Life

  1. It is wonderful to see these photos and I am so happy for your all. I look forward to more reports on the retreat. Lots of best wishes!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for all you do to make these exquisite transformative connections possible!

  3. This is good. Really good. There is sincere joy on each face in your photos. Those pics say. “This ain’t your grandma’s knitting retreat.” Happy for everyone who was able to participate—

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