Location-Location-Location MSKR 2021 - Arrival Easton Mountain Sign

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to the Men’s Knitting Retreats, there are at least four factors for success. The men, and location-location-location.

But Which Location-Location-Location

I’ve always wondered how much location plays a part in the success of the Men’s Knitting Retreats. They’re all held in beautiful places. So, it must play at least a small part. No?

Here are some of the venues where our regional retreats take place:


Pretty Lake Camp, Matawan Michigan


Dumas Bay Center near Seattle


Blue Ridge YMCA, Black Mountain, NC


Sunshine Mountain Lodge – Rocky Mountains


Pioneer Log Cabin, Stirling Ontario

I’ve been to many of them, but none more than Easton Mountain. So here are some of the photos I took of this glorious location this past week.

MSKR 2021 - Arrival Easton Mountain Sign

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain picnic area pool and side of lodge

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain Porch view of pond and mountain

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain Pool and Lodge from Behind

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain Jeffrey Stairs

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mount Front of Lodge

MSKR 2021 Easton Mountain Sunset Rise Maybe

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain Front Porch

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain Food Eating Buffet

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain Pool and Lilac Blooming

MSKR 2021 - Easton Mountain back yard

MSKR 2021 - Housing Lodge 2 Easton Mountain

MSKR 2021 - Housing Lodge Easton Mountain

The land was incredibly lush and green this year. Not quite sure why. It was a little cooler before the retreat than most years. And they haven’t gotten a ton of rain.

There were also lilacs and other plants in bloom.

Weather was warmer than usual and we had almost no rain at all. I went into the pool a few times, and it was bracing.

What percent of the success of the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat would you think is attributable to the venue?

5 comments on “Location, Location, Location

  1. The location of course. But the comradery and the men sharing ideas and knowledge and fun activities in a relaxed atmosphere. That to me makes the retreat!

  2. Every location looks like it has it’s own magic. The photos of Easton Mountain are glorious! What wonderful places for people to share these knitting retreats!!!

  3. Some of the other sites look perhaps a bit fancier but a few weeks ago I checked out Easton Mountains website and thought it was very cool that they were openly embracing the LGBTQ++ community. Most of a good retreat is about a great group of people gathering but the management is super important. We had to let go of a lovely spot a few years ago as the management started getting less personable along with a steep escalation in pricing.

  4. I do quilting retreats with other women and find that a lovely setting adds. However, it is really the people.

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