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Finding My People

Affinity groups can be fraught with exclusivity and entitlement. But I think there is also an inherent need for us all to belong. That’s why “finding my people” is so important.

The Direction To Finding My People

It’s been discussed here before. Finding a group to call your own is important. But it also needs to recognize that attaching myself to a specific selection of people requires me to navigate privilege, racism, sexism, gender-normativity, exclusivity and many more areas. In creating the Men’s Knitting Retreats over 14 years ago, I began that journey.

First off, I knew that these were my people immediately.

Then came the hard work of making sure I wasn’t disadvantaging folks through these relationships.

I haven’t been completely successful in all the efforts to make sure we raise up as many people with these retreats. So I guess this community building is more of a journey and not necessarily a destination.

Being able to celebrate the men’s knitting community has been the true joy of my life. And the retreats have spread that joy widely. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have brought these people together.

Here are some photos of the community we created last week.

It’s such a shame none of them seem to be enjoying themselves. I’ll try harder in September.

Current Knitting

I was able to finally pick up my knitting again this week.  I also FINALLY finished the last little bit of knitting on the Provenance Mitts.

Provenance Mitts Small 05-28-21 01

Now I have two pairs. One in the large size and the other in the smaller size. Both gorgeous.

Provenance Mitts Small and Large05-28-21 04

Even the wrong-side looks decent.

Provenance Mitts Small 05-28-21 03

Still LOVE this pattern. It’s fun and easy.

9 comments on “Finding My People

  1. Wonderful photos! It is great to see the knitting men of the retreat and also, the familiar faces!
    And your Provenance Gloves are beautiful inside and out!
    Best wishes for the Holiday weekend!

  2. This social shut-down thing has left us all missing Our People and I have to say that i was so happy to see this retreat happening, once again. It is food for the soul, when we can gather with like minded friends/loved ones and Just Be. Let me tell you, driving cross country, to Rhinebeck, this year, to be with My People, means EVERYTHING. PS, the mitts sre beyond spectacular, in every way.

  3. Amd nearly half of them actually had glimpses of people knitting/doing finery things. Did that one guy make that gorgeous green play suit?

  4. I really looks like “good time had by all”. Well done.
    It is so nice to get together with folks in 2021! Happy days “are” here again.

  5. They all look so terribly miserable…poor gentlemen. (OK, so I am not really feeling sorry for any of you because I am too busy feeling delighted for all of you!)

    I am also delighted to see photos of old friends doing so well and caring for one another like this. I have been away from most of the knitting community for a few years; I’m reconnecting for the very reason that I missed my people, my tribe, so very much. I don’t know if you remember me, but I remember you, Joe, and it is so lovely to “hear” your voice again; somehow, it is deeply comforting to know that you (and others) never left and have continued making so many beautiful things (including mischief, can’t fool me, I see those expressions on your faces, kind sirs…), and continuing to help build up the community all along. Hello to the gents in the photos who know me; I see at least two or three old knitting family members in there. May your needles never break, and your stitches never drop unless you want them to…Sandi Wiseheart

  6. Thanks for sharing pictures of an extraordinary group of men having an extraordinary time! Jealous but happy for all who get to spend time joyfully and creatively.

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