Back To Cranking - CSM June Pride Socks No Errors Kind of 06-02-21 01

Back To Cranking!

It’s not often I have a knitting slump. Fortunately I have multiple corollary crafts I can switch to when it happens. So, I’m back to cranking.

Back To Cranking What Exactly?

And that’s the amazing news. I was able to sit down at a 100 year old machine and crank out two socks with ZERO ERRORS!

Circular Sock Knitting Machine Gearhart 1925 ish

I’ve owned this antique Gearhart circular sock knitting machine for about 20 years. And over that time, I’ve made a lot of socks.  But almost all of my socks had dropped stitches or slipped stitches or some other mistakes that I’d fix after they were off the machine.

AND!!! And this pair is kind of Pride rainbow colors. So they are Pride Month socks to boot!

CSM Pride Yarn Kind of 06-02-21 01

I think the yarn is Cascade Heritage Paints Sock Yarn in colorway Spark (9935). But I’m not sure.

Even the kitchenering of the toe came out well.

CSM June Pride Socks No Errors Kind of 06-02-21 04

Finally…my last brag for today. These socks are knit cuff-down starting with 1×1 rib, switching to 3×1 rib and then just 3×1 rib on top of the foot.  They also have rounded toe and heel shaping and no “gap” in the corner of the heel and toe. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Current Knitting

Despite focusing mostly on cranking a pair of socks. I did do a couple more rows on the Primordial Sworls Shawl.

Primordial Sworls Shawl 06-03-21 01

I’m hopeful that I can end up making a rectangular wrap that’s at least 15″ wide and 70″ long (after blocking).

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  1. I love those crazy old sock machines. Someday I might break down and get one. I have heard they are fussy so confraon your Perfect Pride Pair!

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