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Secret Garden

As part of a very strict homeowners association where I live, we are restricted in what we’re allowed to do. A secret garden is about the best we can do.

Thaddeus’ Secret Garden

Two things first:

  1. I don’t garden. Thaddeus does all of it. Anything green or flowering is his domain. Not mine.
  2. We have a postage stamp size front yard. Most of which is taken up with a concrete walkway up to our front door. And two trees that were planted there by the original builders.

So, there’s not a lot we can do (and when I write “we” I mean Thaddeus). But the little that he can do is limited even more by our homeowners association. They are VERY strict when it comes to what we can do with our property. Two examples I can think of. One of our neighbors had a landscape architect draw up a plan for plantings in their front “yard”. It included a drawing of what would be planted. They got the entire plan approved by the homeowners committee that approves these things. It was approved. And implemented.

When it was discovered that they had planted bear grass, one of the board members went ballistic.  Oops.

Bear Grass

They were allowed to keep it. But only under protest.

Second example was a time when one of the new homeowners was told he couldn’t have glass globes in his garden

Glass Globe

There was quite a war about this one. But the homeowner was required to remove them.

So you can imagine the kinds of things we CAN’T do in our front yard.

Thaddeus Has a Solution!

We didn’t want to draw attention to our front yard. So Thaddeus has kept it as plain looking as possible from the street view.

Front Yard 03-25-21 01

Very similar to how it was planted when we moved here. There’s a small garden mushroom near the tree. And another one on our porch. But nothing that would attract negative homeowners association attention.

But nestled into the crevices behind. That’s a different story. This is some of the garden magic I see when coming out of my house.

Secret Garden - Front Yard 04-27-21 21

Front Yard 04-27-21 22

Front Yard 04-27-21 23

Front Yard 04-27-21 24

Front Yard 04-27-21 25

Front Yard 04-27-21 26

Front Yard 04-27-21 27

Front Yard 04-27-21 28

Front Yard 04-27-21 29

Front Yard 04-27-21 30

Given Thaddeus’ love of mushrooms, there are a number of garden mushrooms hidden from the sidewalk-viewing public. All of which would undoubtedly be banned by our homeowners association. The bird houses (we also have a bird feeder) and the birdbath are all quite popular with the finches, cardinals and other birds that live around us. Again, I’m sure this would all be way too busy for the landscaping police.

We’re very glad to enjoy this overly-decorated nook outside our front door.

So please don’t tell our homeowners association.

Current Knitting

I have finished the latest version of the Primordial Sworls Shawl. And it’s as good as I’d imagined.

Primordial Sworls Shawl Sport 05

Primordial Sworls Shawl Sport 03

It ended up being 16″ wide and 70″ long. And it has a nice drape.

I even like the “wrong” side.

Primordial Sworls Shawl Sport 01

Primordial Sworls Shawl Sport 02

Primordial Sworls Shawl Sport 04

It will be going on sale at my craft shows at the end of the year. Since it’s slightly smaller than the first two Primordial Shawls, I’ll price this one lower.

13 comments on “Secret Garden

  1. Beautiful garden! So sorry HOA rules are so restrictive, very hard on creative people! The scarf is lovely, my daughter would love those colors, maybe I will make her one someday!

  2. Hello, your garden is so lovely !
    I don’t know what says the law in your area, but as long you don’t let garbage and weed, I really don’t understand what this homeowners association has to do with the way you decorate your own garden. It’s against the simplest logic, and it’s not democratic, in my opinion.
    I love your scarf, it’s very inspiring.

    1. Thanks Marie-Helene…believe it or not, we pay each month for the privilege of being in this Homeowners Association.

      But honestly, I describe it in a very bad light. The good things it does FAR outweigh the crazy things. I’m rather glad my neighbors can’t fill their tiny yards with garden statuary. It would turn a very elegant and beautiful townhouse complex into a rather junky looking place very fast.

      1. Oh my God, a garden statuary ! I understand what you’re saying. My mother has always temptations with that, and I’m so grateful that she’s resisting !

  3. Homeowners Associations can really get carried away with the “power” they hold. I think there’s a Seinfeld episode about this. But you guys figured out a beautiful solution. I promise I won’t tell.

  4. Great to see Thaddeus’ secret garden. My lips are sealed!
    Your Homeowner’s association sounds very unpleasant! Glad you can enjoy that beauty in your yard!
    Never heard of Bear Grass. Had to look it up. It is said that softer leaf bases attract bears. Not always a bad thing…..depending!
    Your Primordial Sworls Shawl is spectacular. Of course the colors are amazing!
    Best wishes for June!

  5. The above are all great replies regarding your HOA. My immediate thoughts were much more severe. My inner fierce warrioress will never be removed. Garden Power!

  6. Let’s hope none of the board members read your blog! The garden looks outstanding, and the shawl is gorgeous.

    1. My thoughts exactly!

      I get an HOA having standards. By I’m not sure what’s wrong with bear grass? It’s treasured plant here. And in fact maybe I’ll try planting some!

  7. The homeowners association pays for common areas, lawn maintenance to keep the neighborhood looking good all the time. That’s a good thing. It’s also kind of fun to have a “secret” garden. Tee hee. I especially love the mushrooms.

  8. What a great solution love how everything is hidden. The shawl came out perfect. Thank you for all your help, inspiration and sharing here. I finally got up enough courage to start my shawl “Meet Me At Midnight”

  9. We kind of have the same thing here, only without the HOA. We like to sit on our front patio, so have designed it to look good in both directions – from the road and for us, when sitting outside. We also have a garden at the end of our driveway (no garage), same idea – one side for the road, one side for us, which we can see from our patio. However, ours does not have to be secret (!) so we can have lots of color and fun on both sides. Love this creative solution, hope you can keep it secret!

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