Playing Footsies - CSM Footsie 06-07-21 05

Playing Footsies

The Facebook forums on Circular Sock Knitting Machines (CSM) have a lot of crankers playing footsies. So I thought I’d try my hand at it.

Playing Footsies On The CSM In Three Hours!

Yes, from start to finish, this pair of hand-cranked footies took me about three hours to complete.

I honestly thought these would take about as long as a full pair of socks. In addition to turning a heel and a toe and kitchenering the toe seam, I also had to do a hung hem and some short-rows for the tab at the back.

CSM Footsie 06-07-21 02

On the heels of having finished two full socks (with ribbing) on the machine, I tried to use this yarn to create an error-free second pair. I screwed it up on the first heel and had to pull it all out.

I don’t know what yarn this is, but it sucks. And it doesn’t work very well in the latch-hooks of the CSM. I also realized I didn’t have enough for a full pair of socks. So I thought I’d try my hand at footsies.

I didn’t have a specific pattern, so I just made it up as I went along. And lo and behold, after about 90 minutes of cranking, I had two almost completed footsies!

CSM Footsie 06-07-21 01

Yes, I still had to graft the toe stitches together. And weave in ends.

But honestly, I surprised myself with how effortless all this seamed.

CSM Footsie 06-07-21 03

I would make a few adjustments to my pattern and add a couple more rows to my hung hem. But other than that, these socklets came out incredibly well.

Current Knitting

In addition to cranking on the CSM, I have also started a new pair of fingerless gloves.

Fingerless Gloves 06-09-21 01

I’ve just confirmed that I will be participating in at least one craft show (the first weekend of December in Stockton, NJ). I’d like to have a lot of glove inventory to sell at that show, so I’ll be working to make sure I have a lot of these to sell.

3 comments on “Playing Footsies

  1. The footsie socks look great. And if you need a testimonial for the fingerless gloves, I’m your man!

  2. Love the footsies. I got obsessed with knitting those for myself last summer, coming up with a recipe for a short-row tab integrated into a hemmed cuff. I was excited to see you using a similar technique for your Activities Cap.

    My mom loved them so much she made me convert most of the inventory of socks I’ve made her into shorties.

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