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Very Visual

I am a very visual person. Learning is mostly visual for me. And definitely creativity is all about the visual aesthetic.

Not Just Visual…Very Visual!

Strangely enough, in all the years we’ve lived in our current house, it’s always been painted white (or off-white).
To offset this dull, unimaginative background, we pepper our walls and shelves with vibrantly colored pieces.  Most of you know that I love color, so I really enjoy surrounding myself with it.
Every corner I round in my house, I run into a blast of vibrancy. And it never gets old. Whether it’s a glimpse of the Kaffe quilt I did years ago or sitting staring at one of the little “art nooks” we’ve created in our house, I get my fill of color every day.

Never has it been more true for us to collect art that brings us joy. Not for investment purposes, but pieces we both love.  Thaddeus and I have different ideas about what is beautiful (as you might imagine).  But there is a large overlapping area where we agree.  Typically, we will only purchase a piece if we both like it. There have been some instances where one of us loves something so much, we must have it…even if the other disagrees.  But those situations are rare.

Current Knitting

The latest pair of half-finger gloves are finished and added to inventory on my Craft Show web site.

Fingerless Gloves Teal 06-11-21 04

Fingerless Gloves Teal 06-11-21 01

Fingerless Gloves Teal 06-11-21 02

Fingerless Gloves Teal 06-11-21 03

I have also started the next pair.

Fingerless Gloves Olive Tweed 06-11-21 01

This pair will be done in an olive-tweed yarn and will be the smaller size gloves. I’m loving how this yarn is knitting up.

3 comments on “Very Visual

  1. Love that dark teal color of your mittens and your tee shirt. And the latest green fingerless mitts color!
    Wonderful to get the tour of the art you and Thaddeus love! Enjoyed your Kafka pieces especially. In your dining room nook, would like to hear more about the painting in the gold frame.
    Best wishes and thanks for the zooms!

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