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Best Craft Show Tip

Have you ever wanted to sell your arts/crafts at a craft show? Today I divulge my best craft show tip I’ve figured out in the last few years.

What’s Your Best Craft Show Tip?

Here’s mine.

Find at least one item that appears difficult, but that you can make rather effortlessly and make that what you’re known for.

I don’t have a highly sought-after skill. There are a lot of people that know how to knit and make beautiful things out of yarn. So I had to come up with items that appear complex and difficult. But aren’t (at least they aren’t for me).

Two of my knit pieces come to mind.

Koigu Cross Stitch Scarf


The Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf looks complex and intricate. And honestly, if you’ve never made one, it can be a bit difficult. But for me, it’s an easy/quick knit.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I get a lot of knitters who come to my table at craft shows. I can almost always tell a knitter by how they look at my items. Especially when they look at this one.

They have that look that says, “How is this done?”

Given how quickly I can make these scarves, I can put a decent price on them. Most of them I sell for $52, which is comparatively low for similar items at local craft shows.

The second item has quickly become the half-finger gloves.

Fingerless Gloves Teal 06-11-21 04

Most knitters don’t care to go through the tedious work of creating 10 separate fingers/thumbs on a garment like this. And with a bit of decent packaging, they look great. And I can sell these for a great “gift price” at $34.

I figured out this idea of a niche product from Celeste at CrankCraftSox.  Even as a sock cranker myself, I would never be able to make the quantity and quality of socks she makes. Or sell them for $35 a pair. You can imagine how well she does at craft shows selling her beautiful work.

Current Knitting

Despite how quick and easy I’m finding the half-finger gloves, I didn’t quite finish my latest pair over the weekend.

Fingerless Gloves Olive Tweed 06-13-21 01

I only have 4 more tedious fingers/thumb to go and then a few dozen ends to weave in.

I was quite distracted by trying to see if I could replicate the first set of footies I made on the Circular Sock Machine (CSM).  I’m happy to say I can!

Footie Groovy Hues Yellow Variegated Blockers 06-13-21 01 (1)

I think the yarn for these footies is a Groovy Hues (I don’t think Suzanne is dyeing anymore, which is quite sad).

Footie Groovy Hues Yellow Variegated Kitchenering 06-13-21 01

The hung-hem is a bit wider on this one and I’ve changed the way I kitchener/graft the toe so that it looks smoother. In addition, I was able to create this pair of sockettes in 2 hours.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Mike writes in comments:

“Love that dark teal color of your mittens and your tee shirt. And the latest green fingerless mitts color!
Wonderful to get the tour of the art you and Thaddeus love! Enjoyed your Kafka pieces especially. In your dining room nook, would like to hear more about the painting in the gold frame.”

The “painting in the gold frame” is an acrylic painting done by a local artist named Jane Gilday.

Jane Gilday Painting Dusk From Goat Hill

She calls it Amwell Autumn (Amwell is a nearby town). Like many of her paintings, she frames them in cheap frames and then “gilds” them in gold.  Thaddeus and I both loved this piece when we saw it. But we’re also a huge fan of Jane’s work. We have five other pieces of hers.

Jane Gilday Painting Backyard Vines and Birds

Jane is a local artist and we’ve known her for as long as we’ve lived in this area (over 30 years now). We started buying her work when she wasn’t very well known and since then, she’s started to gain some well-deserved attention.

3 comments on “Best Craft Show Tip

  1. Thanks Joe for more art tour and about Jane Gilday painting. It is great to see it with more detail and to see her other pieces. Her work is wonderful and I like what she does with the frames too.
    Your latest fingerless gloves with that speckled yarn look great!
    Hope to have something to show you all on Friday. The double-knit Lopi mitten.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jane Gilday’s work with us – absolutely lovely! And thanks for the great craft show tip! I’m a jewelry artist and there’s a couple techniques that I just love to do & find very relaxing (wire bead crochet and Viking Knit). Will be experimenting with “wow” pieces for those!

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