Let Down By My Stash - Yarn Re-Organization 06-16-21 01

You May Have A Problem…

Have you ever said…”I can’t throw out that yarn scrap…I could use it as a stripe in a hat (sock, scarf, etc.).” You may have a problem.

You May Have A Problem If…

So, yesterday I re-organized/sorted/cleaned out my yarn stash.  It took me a couple of hours.

I actually threw out quite a bit of yarn. Other knitters will understand the process.

When you constantly have to ask yourself:

“Will I ever really make a scrappy pair of frankensocks?”

“This yarn is too good to throw out. My art teacher friend might want it.”

“I bought this yarn for craft show items, so it will re-coup the cost as soon as I knit it and sell it.”

“Maybe I’ll start giving knitting lessons at the senior center, and this yarn would be perfect for teaching.”

“I might know an expecting couple who would LOVE an apple green baby blanket that needs to be hand-washed and blocked”

“Sock yarn doesn’t count as stash yarn.”

Even after organizing the stash, I still had little pockets of yarn:

Yarn Re-Organization 06-16-21 04
A one-day crafts show shawl.


Yarn Re-Organization 06-16-21 05
Old honeycomb quilt project that I will finish one day.


Yarn Re-Organization 06-16-21 03
I WILL use this yarn some day!


Yarn Re-Organization 06-16-21 02
Hat yarn…I can never have too many hats in inventory at the craft shows, right?


Yarn Re-Organization 06-16-21 06
Yarn covered with finished objects to justify that I do use up my yarn sometimes!

Suffice it to say that I know I might have a bit of a problem when this showed up in the mail yesterday.

Araucania Sayi Yarn for Craft Show Hats 06-14-21 01

But honestly…it was on sale, and look at those amazing colors.  If the hats from this yarn turn out as well as I think they will, they FLY off my craft show table in November and December!

Current Knitting

See?!?!  It’s craft show knitting.

Half-Finger Gloves 06-14-21 01 (1)

Half-Finger Gloves 06-14-21 02  Half-Finger Gloves 06-16-21 01 (1)

I finished the pair of half-fingered gloves and started another pair.

Maybe I don’t have a problem after all!

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Don Yarman (Yarmando) writes:

“Have you seen Jeny Staiman’s “Continuity” glove pattern in Knitty? She has a technique for not breaking the strand. (I haven’t tried it: I use the yarn ends to darn shut any holes that form.)

No!  I’ve never seen this before. I just briefly looked through her technique and I think this will work well with how I make these gloves.  I’ll give it a closer look and try it out on the second glove of this pair and let you know.  Thank!


8 comments on “You May Have A Problem…

  1. You don’t have problem – yet!
    I have 2 bedrooms for yarn and work table. Plus sundry baskets around the house. I collect my odds and ends for hat in different baskets by weight to save time looking for the right colors.
    Since retirement from owning a LYS I’ve even shopped at local stores.

  2. Congratulations! You have achieved SABLE! Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy. Austin has a non-profit named Austin Creative Reuse, which sells donated arts and craft supplies. I am designated to deliver the clean-out from my knitting group once or twice a year, and take in bags and bags of yarn, books, patterns and needles. I’m sure they think I have a serious problem!

  3. I keep even the little scraps. I made some scrap yarn bowls that I use in my sewing room. Not a drop goes to waste. LOL

  4. I have been cleaning out my stash as well. I am donating a lot to church charity groups. Some I will bring to the SEMKR this fall. I may try to sell some. I’ve been trying to buy kits or yarn with a pattern to help cut down on single skein syndrome.

  5. “I might know an expecting couple who would LOVE and apple green baby blanket that needs to be hand-washed and blocked”

    I am literally laughing out loud. Oh, dear, my eyes are even watering. Thank you.

  6. I would love to hear how you talked yourself into some actual destash. My destash intentions usually devolve into organizing sessions. Its tidier, but its all still here!

  7. I think passionate crafters or hobbyists are filled with enthusiasm and love to surround themselves with the things that they truly enjoy. You make all fiber artists feel warm and fuzzy when they see someone else who saves lots of yarn remnants, as well as new yarns that you just couldn’t pass up the last time you went yarn fondling at your LYS. And any knitter/crocheter who has been at it for awhile is delighted when they need some small piece of waste yarn to do a provisional cast on, hold stitches in place, or put in a lifeline. Of course that turns “waste yarn” into “just-what’s-needed yarn.” Joe, you are among friends and we love that you are. 🙂

  8. I have a definite mess on my hands and need to clean, organize and rearrange. Yesterday I got up early and headed out to a yarn store going out of business sale, it felt good to get out ☮️💖🙂

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