What the Fuck Is A Burpee Man

What The Fuck Is A Burpee?

July seems to be the Facebook month for setting workout goals. “Do 21 Burpees a day for the month of July for cancer fundraising!” What the fuck is a burpee?

Here’s What The Fuck Is A Burpee

I know it sounds like either a frozen beverage at 7-Eleven made with beans. Or perhaps the role a baby plays when it’s having it’s back patted after being fed…you have the burper and the burpee, right?

There have been a ton of exercise trends over the decades that I’ve been active. Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Jazzercise, Tae Bo, Cross-Fit, Zumba. Before I left my last fitness center, I used to watch groups of exercisers going from station to station. They’d do squats whilst holding kettle bells. Then they’d jump 25 times up onto a wooden box, etc., etc. It was exhausting to watch.

But I’m sure many of you already know what a burpee is.

I honestly don’t think I could do very many of these. At least not with good form.  But I wanted to participate in the great July health Facebook fundraiser effort. Given I have a friend who’s just finishing up chemo for cancer. And a brother who went through treatment for prostate cancer. And a sister-in-law who had breast cancer. I figured I’d torture myself for a month for cancer.

775 push-ups in 31 days. Or 25 push-ups for every day in July. There will also be a body photo of me on June 30th. And of course, a follow-up on August 1st.

Anyone care to join me? Or avoid the muscle strain and just make a donation?

Here’s my fundraiser link: https://www.facebook.com/donate/519268119513215/

And thanks for any and all support. This out-of-shape old man will need it.

Current Knitting

We’ve had a change in direction since Wednesday’s blog entry.  I dropped the gloves and picked up hats for the craft show instead.

Sayi Hats06-18-21 01

A few things inspired the change in course. First, I got new, vibrant yarn. Second, I love how vibrant colors bring people to my craft show table. Third, I could use up new stash rather quickly and supplement my craft show inventory pretty quickly.

Sayi Hat Blue 06-18-21 03

Sayi Hat Multi 06-18-21 02

I have to admit…I love when the yarn does all the work. I’m hoping that I can price these beauties cheaply. But it will depend on how many hats I can get out of one hanke of yarn.

Sayi Hat Blue 06-18-21 04

Plus, I have to worry that inventory will go missing before it ever gets to the craft show table.

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  1. I don’t t honk you even have to call it stash if it actually goes straight into production. I personally don’t think it’s stash until you stash it somewhere for at least a few months. That yarn makes gorgeous hats— good choice!

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