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Happy Happy Summer!

This time of year is my favorite. Hot, sweltering, sunny days. For me, it’s definitely a happy happy Summer.

Is It A Happy Happy Summer For You Too?

Yes, I understand that I don’t get to wear all of the wool garments I knit throughout the year. I also understand that you can always add another layer  when it gets cold, but you can only remove so many layers of clothing when it gets hot. And perhaps being able to retreat to an air-conditioned house is cheating.

But I LOVE Summer.

I’m pretty certain we choose our favorite season based on fond memories of that season. One of my favorite memories of growing up is definitely from the Summer season. For five years of my life (from age 5 to 10) I lived in Medway, Massachusetts. It was an idyllic town. And a wonderful neighborhood filled with lots of friends, trees to climb and adventures to be had.  There was a park down the street from where we lived. It had a pond for both fishing and swimming. And that’s where I first started to learn to swim.

Leaving the house early in the day. In a bathing suit and towel draped over my shoulders, I head “down to the park” for a swimming lesson. I can still remember the smell of lush, damp trees and the loamy ground around them. The feel of a slightly chilling mist that would soon burn off to be replaced with a hot sun. Mostly I remember the anticipation of being with friends and feeling safe and confident. I can still feel the bottom of the pond as I first waded into the cool water. The cautious steps that would soon turn into frolicking and splashing.

So, in many ways, that’s why Summer is my comfort-season. It makes me feel as though everything will be just perfect in the World.

I know I’ll get a lot of responses to this post about how folks HATE the heat of Summer and much prefer cooler weather. But I’d prefer to hear what memories are evoked by your favorite season instead of why Summer sucks.

Regardless, have a wonder-filled Summer.

Current Knitting

Despite the hot weather, I continue to make warm hats. In anticipation of cooler seasons when my knitted items will sell at craft shows.

Sayi Hat Multi 06-21-21 01

Sayi Hat Multi 06-21-21 03

Sayi Hat Multi 06-21-21 04

I’ve come to love this yarn. It’s Araucania Sayi yarn.  I got 10 hanks (5 different colorways). Each hank of yarn makes two hats (I’m making a large size and a medium size hat with each ball).

Sayi Hat Multi 06-21-21 05

Sayi Hat Multi 06-21-21 10

The hats knit up very quickly. And look fantastic.

Sayi Hat Multi 06-21-21 09

Plus, since I can get two hats from each hank (and they knit up very fast), I can sell them very inexpensively at $16 each.

7 comments on “Happy Happy Summer!

  1. If they don’t sell, or just because, think about donating them to the local or nearby cancer treatment center. Even in summer, those on chemo therapy get cold.

  2. Your knits all look great.
    Summers….. As kids, we played outside, did garden stuff, rode all over on our bikes and spent hours in the local lake or at my Aunt Jean’s on the Sound. We got through hottest days but with hate in our hearts.
    While you and many of my other friends are truly joyful in the heat and the humidity, I’m not. I seem to be turning more and more into my mother who dreaded summer and couldn’t handle the temperatures.
    When the weather turns sweltering, I am dreaming of snow and looking online for photos of beautiful winter scenes.
    Mom would freeze some of her wonderful Christmas cookies to enjoy on a blistering hot day in July. I’ll break out the Christmas carols (Poor Fred!) and watch Nutcracker ballets just to mentally feel cooler. I want that poppy scene from the Wizard of Oz. You know that burst of snow has to be the most cooling and refreshing, changing torture into Ah!!! Enjoy your beloved summer Joe! (Survive…Mike!)

  3. I have a summer birthday so it was always fun to get to take a few friends to some special place—a public pool (we were out in the country so no nearby parks for us!) or when I got older Kennywood Amusement Park near Pittsburgh. And we had a family cottage on Lake Eerie. And there are fireflies back East which are sadly lacking in Oregon. Now though I have camping which I didn’t as a child. I do like summer, because the only winter activity I actually enjoy is crafting. Lol. but there had better be plenty of shade and iced tea/lemonade/ice cream because I do just melt in the sun!

  4. It is fair to say that all of the seasons have their charm.

    I love summer too. I have fond memories of enjoying the pool, going to the beach in the Bronx or Long Island (and the NJ shore), riding my bike, staying out until the street lights came on, and even attending summer school programs for art, crafts, music, folk dancing, swimming (and typing- I learned to type in 3rd grade) at the public school that my parochial school did not offer. The school building was air-conditioned and cool in an era when my house wasn’t. I loved getting an icy cold bottle of cream soda (or grape soda) at the park house and then getting the 2 cent deposit back for a gum!

    I remember going to Van Cortland Park as a child and exploring the trails with my father and siblings, and even going fishing up in the Bronx. My mother let me take home my catch- some poor sunfish (in a pail, on the subway back to Manhattan).

  5. Fall is my favorite. It’s all about the leaves. The gorgeous colors of the leaves when they’re changing isn’t even the best part, it’s the leaves rustling under your feet everywhere you go. That is the sound of fall and the sound I remember most from my childhood.

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