What Independence Means - Independence Definition

What Independence Means

Having gone through over a year where I felt so reliant on circumstance, I’m happy to have gotten a feel for what independence means.

What Does Independence Mean To You?

This past U.S. holiday weekend reminded me in many ways how much I value my freedom and independence. And my family. And my ability to be back together with them (in-person). Largely, I am independent of my family. So, when we get together, I can really value my time with them. Which I did.

My sister in Massachusetts organized an amazing family celebration this past Saturday. About 50 family members and friends got together in Massachusetts. It was a celebration of my mom’s upcoming birthday where she’ll turn 90. But it was also a great opportunity for a family reunion.

We also took the trip up to Massachusetts to visit my sister and brother-in-law and niece.

It was a great four days of eating, loving and re-uniting after a less-than-pleasant year or so.

I opted to take no knitting with me, so I have nothing on the knitting front to report. Just photos from the celebration.

Moms Party Layla Nick Holly Ameia and Schooter 07-04-32 01

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Donna and Mike WIlcox and Bill

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Marybeth Gloria and Bob Gray

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Donna and Randy Gray Kathy Monzo

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Jake Meghan Josh Kelly Audrey

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Brian

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Sadie Chris

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Theresa Lori Steven

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Jake

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Nico and Brian

Mom's Party 07-03-21

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Kathy Donna Mike Bill

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Jack Andie Joe Steve

Mom's Party 07-03-21 Lori

I hope your weekend was filled with love and joy.

Current Knitting

I have to admit, it was nice to just drop the needles for a few days. I drove to and from Massachusetts (lot of driving). So car-knitting was out of the question.

When I got home yesterday, I did start a new project, but it’s too early to share yet. Especially if if doesn’t work out. I also need to finish the unfinished glove from my last post.

5 comments on “What Independence Means

  1. Love all the pictures (especially with all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren)

    This 4th of July was a real day for all of us to celebrate!!!

  2. I’m so glad you got a good visit in even though the weather was less than cooperative. Actually, I shouldn’t complain about the weather because none of you were dropping from the heat of the previous week.

  3. Wow. Not even a security sock? What if your car had broken down?! You’re living on the edge, man! 😉

    You’re family looks like all that is right with the USA. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy 90th to your Mom! Great family pictures. Wow….no knitting? Hmmm, even if I didn’t work on it, I would have had to bring a project. 😃

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