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Swayed By Advertising

There’s a theory swimming around in my brain. Folks are swayed by advertising or sales techniques that match their own form of selling.

Swayed By Advertising – Here’s What I Mean

It’s a lot easier to see this in other people’s behavior. But I’ll try to stick to my own experience.

When I want to sell something I do two things that I think are important selling points.

  1. I make the product look as aesthetically appealing as possible.
  2. And I include logical reasons why it’s valuable to a potential customer.

So, when I see a product that looks/smells/sounds appealing and the seller has convincing arguments why I should want it, I am likely to purchase it.

Most of this purchasing behavior is unconsciously done. So others’ purchasing behavior often seems perplexing to me. Thaddeus is very subject to what I would call a high-pressure sales technique. Especially when the sales person is very knowledgeable about the product. It appears that he often feels he owes the salesperson for the time he took with us.  As a former retail sales-person of  lighting and furniture, where he earned commission, I can understand Thaddeus’ behavior.  He is also a complete sucker for interesting packaging…a vintage-y looking label or old-fashioned glass bottle on a product compels him to buy products he wouldn’t even use.  This kind of behavior is inexplicable to me.

Completely Befuddling Behavior

Also inexplicable is people that buy into Trumpist ideas.

Based on my social media advertising click strategy (see my video on how to leverage social media advertising here) I see a TON of advertisements for slimy conservative politicians. Like the one above.  Do people really think someone in full combat gear and more make-up and hair product than a kabuki performer is going to be a good representative for them?

Are the Trumpeloids actually finding this kind of advertisement appealing?

Trump Tribute Coin Ad

Do they really believe it’s 1 ounce of gold? I guess I never understood the appeal of someone who is clearly a huckster. But there must be a lot of those types of people out there who do.

So what are compelling sales techniques for you?

Current Knitting

I keep adding on inches to the width of the Bouclé Old Shale Shawl.

Old Shale Boucle 07-14-21 01

I’m debating on how big I will make this.

Currently, it will be about 70″ x 20″ after light blocking.  And I still have a lot of yarn left in the first cake.

I had two 8 ounce cakes of this yarn and was thinking I would make two shawls to sell at my craft shows. Now I’m thinking I can easily make three. Or I could make two VERY generously sized shawls.  The two shawls would each sell for about $169 or I could sell three shawls at $115.

Which would you prefer if you were looking for this kind of rectangular shawl?



17 comments on “Swayed By Advertising

  1. Haha. I think Thaddeus and I would get along very well. My husband often wonders aloud if it’s possible for me to go into a cute little independent shop without buying something.
    And buying a car I really shouldn’t even be allowed.

    I had to laugh because I was really confused by the ad at first. I thought somehow she was on “our side” and you were endorsing her. Now THAT would be a novel advertising technique! Just dress like that but it’s for like Bernie or something!

  2. My aunt had a friend who worked in advertising in NY.
    Toni was fascinating to me as a child, so unlike anyone we knew. Glamorous, perfectly groomed, well dressed and chain smoking, which didn’t seem to fit in my mind….. She looked like a movie star.
    She was perched on a folding lawn chair in my aunt’s yard as talked about her work in advertising.
    Rather than playing with my cousins, I remember listening to her every word. Toni explained to Aunt Nemmie how an ad is designed to draw you in and subconsciously, make you desire purchasing whatever it was.
    This made a big impression on me. Armed with that information early on, I pretty much been immune to being swayed by commercials and advertisements all my life.

  3. I’m most vulnerable to ads that appeal to a fantasy I may have of a different me – for instance, younger, thinner, cooler, more footloose, more orderly, more cultured, more carefree.. I’ve learned I generally can get as much pleasure poring over these products (now usually online) as buying them to sit unused in my house. But sometimes I still succumb.

  4. Wow, at first I was reading about knitting and next thing I was reading about politics and Trumpeloids and such. Why such name calling? Why bring Trump into this twice? [comment edited to exclude nonsensical, hateful comments about President Biden and Vice President Harris] Would have made just as much sense. I was just about to subscribe but not now.

    1. Seems we got a few fragile snowflakes who tried to “swarm” comments with hateful political commentary. Marilla darling…I don’t want ignorant people subscribing to my blog.

  5. Should add to QueerJoeKnittingBlog Bio slamming opposite political parties and views of anyone not on the same political party as yourself. Bio is quite deceiving leaving out political bashing and intolerance/patience to opposing views which have nothing to do with knitting.

    1. The fragile egos of the Trumpeloids seem to have been upset. I’ll let you write your own bio on your own blog, and I’ll write mine. But thanks for bumping up my blog in the ratings with your hits and your comments. Big gay kisses sweetie.

  6. Wow, was reading about knitting and then next thing I was reading about Trumpeloids. Why? [comment edited to exclude nonsensical, hateful comments about President Biden and Vice President Harris]. Wouild have made more sense.

  7. Political bashing of Trumpeloids. Who are they? How did this get political? Unsubscribe me you intolerant leftist communist.

    1. Do you really want to me to check to see that you’re not subscribed at all? You just got a “swarm alert” from your Trump-dick-sucking friends and had to try and bring your hate here? How about this…unsubscribe yourself…if you have the technical skills?

  8. Political intolerance of opposite political than yourself. Inclusive like Ravelry but insult and mock opposing views.

  9. Opposite political views bashed than yourself. Inclusive like Ravelry but insult and mock opposing views.

  10. Bashing opposing views other than yourself. Some knitting blog you got. Political comments aimed at conservatives behind the guise of knitting. How about changing name to GoBlowJoe

  11. Some knitting blog you got. Political comments aimed at conservatives behind the guise of knitting. How about changing name to GoBlowJoe

    1. Interesting…are you Richard Meyers or Richard Phelan. Seems like you signed in under both names and left the exact same comment. The “GoBlowJoe” is the one that I found oh so clever.

      Like a co-worker once posited to me…”When a mother names her child Richard, how does she know he’s going to become a Dick?”

      Was your fragile Trumpeloid ego bruised honey?

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