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Developing Sketching Skills

An art teacher friend of mine reminded me of something recently. Developing sketching skills is simply a matter of practice.

How I’m Developing Sketching Skills…And Why

One of the reasons that I wanted an iPad was so that I could expand my knitting design process. As I wrote about back in March, I prefer Microsoft OneNote for organizing my ideas. So I can pretty much create design ideas on any platform…iPhone, iMac, etc.

But I did find it difficult to sketch out ideas on an iPhone. It was too small. So, I added one more reason I wanted an iPad.

Now that I have one and an Apple Pencil to go along with it, I realized my sketching deficiencies weren’t limited to the size of the device.  They were also limited by my hand/eye coordination and practice at sketching. So I’m working on  that.

My first few attempts were feeble efforts at drawing. I realized the delivered tools of the iPad and Apple Pencil weren’t really good enough. So I looked for drawing apps for the iPad. Procreate seemed to be the most commonly recommended app. And I now see why.

I first just scribbled out a sketch while enjoying the sun out on my deck (see above). I know it’s not good. I was really trying to test out both the Procreate app and my ability to sketch. I realized I needed a bit of practice in both the app and in sketching.

More Development Needed!

I took a brief tutorial on how to draw with Procreate (there are a ton of them out there). And then I drew this.


I was pleased with how well I could manage the various brushes/pen tips in Procreate. Also working with color palettes, the undo tool, the eraser, smudging, layers. It all came together in a way that I enjoyed myself. I know the result isn’t very good. Completely unimaginative and not brilliant from a skills perspective.

So, I’ll continue to practice. And take tutorials.

Here’s the time-lapse video of me drawing the scissors if you care to watch how it got to the finished drawing (one of the amazing tools in Procreate…it records a time-lapse of each drawing).

I’m going to continue to practice (a LOT). Mostly, because I have three ideas in my head for new knitting designs. And I want to be able to sketch out the ideas.

Current Knitting

As I had hoped, I finished the baby blanket for my niece.

Hearts Baby Blanket 07-26-21 01

It looks good on either side as well.

Hearts Baby Blanket 07-26-21 03

Now I just have to knit up a pair of booties and send it off to my niece.

Hearts Baby Blanket 07-26-21 02 Hearts Baby Blanket 07-26-21 04

I am laundering the blanket to make sure it can handle a washing machine. So far, I like the yarn (Paintbox) quite a bit.

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  1. I didn’t see any instructions but it could be my old eyes. Can you send them to me please or let me know where you found them.

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