A Very Long Swatch 07-26-21 01

A Very Long Swatch

I know, I know…I rage against swatching, and then I create a very long swatch. But it didn’t start out as a swatch.

The Shawl That Became A Very Long Swatch

I started a new design. Initially, I was calling it the Warped Wrap. But there are too many other shawls on Ravelry with the same or similar names. So I think I’ll go with Liquified Wrap.

With much enthusiasm for this new design idea, I cast on 511 stitches and began the new wrap. Very quickly, I realized I had made a few errors that would require me to rip it all out. Number of stitches, centering of the “liquification” section. Starting the shaping on the wrong row. So, this shawl now became a swatch.

Checking gauge, I realized I didn’t need quite so many stitches.

Liquified Shawl Detail 07-26-21 01

I think I drop down to 430 for my next swatch…er…shawl. I also thought I’d prefer a looser fabric.

Liquified Shawl Detail 07-26-21 02

So I think I will go up one size in needles.

But I like the color combination of the two yarns. The shaping concept seems to work as I expected.

It only took a few hours to make this swatch.

Warped Wrap Yarn 07-26-21 01

And a few minutes to unravel it back into yarn balls.  So I can re-start the shawl with all my new-found knowledge and experience.

Current Knitting

I did end up casting on 430 stitches and working a few more rows than the original attempt.

Liquified Wrap 07-28-21 01

Love the gauge. The colors I think will work very well…it even looks good on the reverse.Liquified Wrap 07-28-21 02

The close-up photo might not look great, but when it’s full-scale, I think the colors will blend on both the front and the back in a nice, subtle way. I’m even pleased with how the shaping section is looking.

Liquified Wrap 07-28-21 03

I know it’s not much, but my failed, first attempt was a very useful lesson. We’ll see if it works out in a few days!

5 comments on “A Very Long Swatch

    1. Yes! It will be garter stitch and short-rows. We’ll see how it shapes up before I decide. It’s one of those designs I imagined in my sleep, so I’m not sure if it will work in reality

  1. The Liquified Wrap is looking great and as always, love your color choices!
    At our local zoom, one of the women showed photos of her wearing a sweater which came out much too large.
    I shared your huge cardigan blog with them. They sympathized and also had a laugh. You look like a little boy wearing his father’s too big cardigan.
    Best wishes for your latest project!

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