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What Talent Do You Wish For?

I’ve never had an aptitude for music. No rhythm, no ear for complex musical concepts, nor any talent for playing any instrument. And I envy it in others. What talent do you wish for?

What Talent Do You Wish For Or Have Tried Really Hard To Acquire?

I tried a lot to acquire some talent for music. Piano lessons were my first attempt. I had an older brother that learned to play. To be honest, I never practiced. But the teacher and the lessons weren’t overly effective with me either.

Then through grade school, I was encouraged to try various instruments. Trumpet. Clarinet. Saxophone.  All dismal failures. Again, I had little interest in practicing. I was shitty at reading music, and I had no concept of tempo and rhythm.  I have to admit, I LOVED the actual instruments. The heft of the trumpet and the feel of the valves and the mouthpiece. I can still vividly remember the experience of holding and playing this instrument. And the clarinet and saxophone that we rented were beautiful and fascinating to me. I loved playing reed instruments. But not enough to get me to practice or learn.

Thaddeus has a good ear for music and as a result, has a much greater appreciation for it as well. He will tell how much that ISN’T true about me.

Don’t get me wrong, I envy people that know how to draw. Or put together colors effortlessly. But most of the talents I desired, could be developed with work. Music…not so much.

So what’s yours? The skill or talent you wish you had.

Current Knitting

Making some progress on Liquified Shawl.

I’m really loving the fabric of this shawl. Lightweight, loose gauge garter stitch really works for me.

Liquified Wrap 07-30-21 02

I’m also loving the shaped section of the shawl.

Liquified Wrap 07-30-21 03

I’m hopeful it will wrap around the shoulders and neck naturally. We’ll have to see if it works out.

10 comments on “What Talent Do You Wish For?

  1. I wish for exactly the same. My attempts at various instruments and at singing have been…not good. I have had to content myself with very basic strumming of chords on an ukulele while I sing. Softly. In a room with a closed door.

    1. I have lied to myself for years that I have an adequate singing voice. I was quickly abused of this notion after I recorded myself singing along to a song on headphones (so the recording was just my voice singing along with music only I could hear).
      I apologized to Thaddeus immediately for singing along to songs in the car.

  2. I’ve always been in awe of people who can draw, paint, and/or create sculpture. To me that will always be a form of magic that has forever escaped me. As a result I admire it greatly in others – and the thrill of seeing a work of art in person is still amazing.
    I love music- one of my lifelong greatest sources of happiness has been creating music with others and appreciating when others do the same.
    Maybe letting the joy in will drive jealousy away. That’s worked for me anyway.

  3. I firmly believe that we can all learn to do anything passably if we desire it enough to practice, but you have to reallllly desire it to practice something you have real aptitude for enough to get to the point where it’s enjoyable. I have managed that with music, but my husband is naturally gifted an actually enjoys practicing so I leave the public performance to him! I am happy enough with my music skills as is because I have no real drive to be great at it. I would LOVE to have more aptitude for drawing. I know I could get better like at music, but I don’t k be ow I would ever be good enough to enjoy it. One of the reasons I loved teaching lower elementary school was the kids all thought I was some great artist because I could draw/paint at a non-talented oh maybe 6th grade level. Lol. When I taught 5th there were definitely kids who were already waaay better than me though. LOL. Also singing. Even took a singing class. It was a disaster. 😉 Great question!!

  4. I couLd copy and draw but not draw from memory or my mind. I could play cords on a guitar but not very well. My parents had us learn to play accordion when I was young…I practices and cried so that ended..thank god.
    I can knit very well. I love Irish knit patterns. I’m good at something.

  5. I’m envious of people who can mix colors creatively. My attempts have always been poor to average. It’s why I frequently choose variegated sock yarn or the same colors shown in pattern photos.

    1. Unlike music, I found this skill could be learned. And I’ve gotten better and better at it. But I still envy people like Kaffe and companies like Noro who mix endlessly beautiful colors in an interesting way.

  6. I’m hoping one day to have the skill set to me nice! So far, it has eluded me! But never giving up hope!

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