The Hybrid Meeting

The Hybrid Meeting!

Meetings – In-Person, Virtual and now Hybrid. COVID forced us to go virtual. But now we need a combination of in-person and virtual. Thus, the hybrid meeting.

Clever Solutions To The Hybrid Meeting

Project team meetings? 12-step meetings? Knit meet-ups? School classrooms?

Many are now looking for solutions that combine participants who are together in the same room with remote participants.

I’ve got two options. One is AMAZING (I think). The other works well enough. And to be fair, the amazing option is quite expensive and the adequate option is affordable.

Amazing Option

If you have a situation like a classroom or a project team meeting where some of your participants are remote and participating via video conferencing (Zoom, Go-To-Meeting, etc.), the Owl Pro – 360-Degree, 1080p HD Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and Speaker is an amazing option.

This little “owl” does a lot

  • Provides a panoramic view of a room
  • Shows a video feed of the person speaking in the room
  • Follows participants around the room with automatic speaker focus and “Smart Zooming”  with noise equalizing

The Owl marketing team did a great little video to show off how it works.

I know a teacher who has used this functionality in his classroom and finds it amazing.

Adequate Solution

The Owl product goes for about $1,000. So not every small group (like a local political group or 12-step group) could afford it.

Some have tried having one camera or smart-phone set up to focus on a full room of in-person participants. And if they’re lucky, there’s a flat screen on the wall that can show remote participants.

The problem with this method is that the remote folks can’t hear everything.

Fortunately you can get a Bluetooth speaker and 360 degree microphone to supplement any conferencing system you have.

Runpu Omindirectional Microphone Speaker Bluetooth

The Runpu Bluetooth and/or USB conference room omnidirectional microphone speaker is my favorite affordable option.  It has 360° voice pickup (with 4 microphones), echo and noise canceling, and it’s compact and affordable at about $70.

If you have an audio-only hybrid meeting, or a Zoom/hybrid setup, this conference speaker/microphone will supplement it making the audio portion workable. It uses either Bluetooth connection or direct USB connection and sounds pretty good to both the in-person group and the remote participants.

Anyone else find other workable solutions to the need for hybrid?

Current Knitting

I’ve completed 9,890 stitches on the Liquified Shawl since Monday’s blog entry.

Liquified Wrap 08-04-21 01

It’s a little of halfway complete. So I have quite a few more stitches to make before it’s finished.

Here is the shaping section the gives it a liquified feel (kind of).

Liquified Wrap 08-04-21 02

Some people prefer the reverse side of multi-color garter stripes.

Liquified Wrap 08-04-21 03

It does mix the colors more softly. But I definitely prefer what I call the “right side” of the fabric.

Liquified Wrap 08-04-21 04

I’ll be doing a few more purple stripes, a few more apple-green stripes and then repeating the gray/taupe stripes. Better get to it!

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  1. Ooh. Our weaving guild is definitely trying to figure out what the heck to do these days. A little spendy but still great info. And we aren’t paying any lodging for speakers these days for sure

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