Paying It Forward – Maybe?

I do have some hazy notion of karmic balance that I believe to be true. Paying it forward might not alway pay off right away however.

Funny “Paying It Forward” Story

Recently I had to go to the local post office. The hearts baby blanket for my niece needed to be dropped off (she already had a beautiful little girl, Julia, so I had to get it there quickly). The package was already labeled and ready to go. The postage was already paid. I just needed to hand it to someone behind the counter. It was too thick to put in any mailboxes or slots.

There was a man in front of me. He had just finished packing up a box and had kind of rushed to make it to the counter in front of me when he saw me coming in.

I wasn’t concerned. He was only sending off a Priority box. The postal worker is someone I know and he’s fast doing most things. I also noticed that the customer was holding what looked to be a cross-bar for a car roof rack in his hand. So when the postal worker finished getting the Priority box ready to ship, the man had one more question.  He needed a quote on how much it would cost to send the ~40 inch tube of metal.

Suffice it to say, it took a while to come up with this quote. The man and the postal worker both apologized for the delay at least twice each.

I told them I was in no rush at all. And truly, I wasn’t in a rush. I also didn’t want to be an asshole. I waited patiently, knowing that my patience would be rewarded by the Universe somehow.

The Twist!

Now the funny part. The man left with his metal object and a quote of about $30 for shipping it. I handed the package to the postal worker and left. I got outside to my car and ended up getting to the exit to the parking lot before the man with a quote.

Seems he didn’t realize I was in front of him. He got impatient with me waiting for traffic to clear so I could pull out and beeped at me. Twice.

Truth be told, I’ve already had plenty of “payback” in my life. So maybe I just owed the fund.  I just smiled and pulled out when traffic cleared.

Shipping Through PayPal

Did you know you could create and pay for shipping labels with PayPal. Even if you didn’t sell the item to be shipped on PayPal?  You do have to have a PayPal account.

And the shipping is discounted (slightly less than they charge at the  Post Office)!

Just bookmark this link –

I find this option for sending things so convenient.

Current Knitting

Sat down this morning to get a few more rows on the Liquified Shawl and felt like a cat enjoying a little sun-puddle.

Liquified Shawl Sunny Day 08-06-21 01

The sun and the knitting brightened my day already.  It looks like I’ll do two more ridges of the bright green and light taupe yarns and the finish with the charcoal gray and light taupe that I started with.

Liquified Shawl 08-06-21 01

Liquified Shawl 08-06-21 02

Liquified Shawl 08-06-21 03

It’s going to be a rather large shawl. I’m hopeful that the overall visual aesthetic will be really nice. At least it looks that way in my head right now!

3 comments on “Paying It Forward – Maybe?

  1. Adore you for the smile you brought to my face today! My sister calls it “Karmic Justice,” Her version has a snarky twist—if you’re lucky, you get to see Karma come full circle and humble the crabby ppl.

    You’re a human after all! Despite a lifetime of trying to be disciplined with baby gift knitting, I have rarely managed to get my knitted love bundle it’s destination before the baby arrived. It’s great to hear the Wilcox clan has been blessed with another baby!

    I need a “knitting is my sun puddle” t-shirt! Unpacked the top layer of my stash and associated wips yesterday, I am feigning for some knitting time.

    Keep be9ng that noce guy in line, dear friend, your Karmic Payback is coming—the Fall Men’s Knitting Retreat gets closer every day.

    1. This is why I make them stuffed animals. If you finishe by the time they are about 3 years old it’s the perfect time to hand a “baby” a gift! 😉

      And great story, Joe. I’m sure they will
      Live the blankie.

  2. As they say- when people are rude they reveal who they are…

    My friend’s first grandbaby is due in December. I better get that project started now.

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