Mushroom Decoys - Cholorphyllum-Molybdites 08-05-21 01

Mushroom Decoys

Remember when I showed you the hidden treasures in my tiny front yard? It appears that some of the mushroom statuary are mushroom decoys.

Do Mushroom Decoys Attract Real Mushrooms?

No, not really. But it was surprising that among all the garden-mushroom statuary we have in our little front yard, that real mushrooms would sprout. And such dramatic mushrooms too!

Cholorphyllum-Molybdites 08-08-21 01

Cholorphyllum-Molybdites 08-08-21 02

From what Thaddeus tells me, these are Cholorphyllum-Molybdites (or Green-Spored Lepiota). Definitely NOT for consumption (by human or pet).  They are known for their outer, “shaggy”, parasol shape. And how dramatically large they can be.  The spores are a greenish color.

Cholorphyllum-Molybdites Spores 08-08-21 01

And the nice part is my homeowners association can’t fine me for putting them in my front garden!

Current Knitting

I’m still working on the Liquified Shawl.

Liquified Shawl 08-09-21 01

Liquified Shawl 08-09-21 02

Surprisingly, I’m still liking it a lot more than what I’d expected. I thought it would be somewhat ordinary looking, but it’s turning out to be anything but that.

Here’s a close-up of the short-row-shaped section in the center of the shawl.

Liquified Shawl 08-09-21 03

And a close-up of the normal fabric.

Liquified Shawl 08-09-21 04

Just garter stitch. But it gives a nice overall look. And the fabric is really nice.

I’m hopeful to finish it this week…I have a new project I’m itching to start. More about that on Wednesday.

4 comments on “Mushroom Decoys

  1. The shawl looks fantastic! And great photos of the mushrooms, (or as we call them, “rushmooms.”) The colors on their tops and under sides could inspire something knitted or crocheted!

  2. I just love the mushroom photo of the gills. I see this mushroom frequently in lawns and along paths, or around trees (from the woodchips). Indeed this green gilled mushroom will make one sick (green around the gills). But it is pretty.

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