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Over-Prepared For Craft Show Season

When I say craft show “season”, I mean for the two craft shows I have scheduled. When I say over-prepared for craft show season, it’s not an exaggeration.

Just How Over-Prepared For Craft Show Season Am I?

To be fair, I only do two craft shows a year. So my “season” is short.  One in November and one the first weekend in December.  I also sell my items on my web site – https://doublepointed.com/ – and again, I use “sell” very charitably. I sell virtually nothing on my web site. Which I totally understand. The tactile sense of a piece of knitwear is very important. Is it soft or scratchy. How drapey or structured is it? Can I trust my computer monitor when it comes to colors? My inventory is much easier to sell directly to in-person customers.

Typically, I hope to sell about 20% of my inventory at each show. And I replenish as much as I can between the November and December shows. In past years, I’ve actually exceeded the 20% sales goal.

Currently, I have over 100 pieces in inventory for a total retail value of about $5,000. Selling $1,000 at each show I would consider a successful season.

My work is much better this year than any other year I’ve participated in craft shows. Whether it will be more desirable…or whether the attendees will be purchasing is yet to be seen.

Either way…wish me luck!

Current Knitting

I finished the Usonian Shawl and it’s really quite amazing (if I do say so myself)!

Usonian Shawl 08-22-21 04

The shawl is soft and very loosely draped. It looks fantastic no matter how it’s wrapped.

It’s a standard triangular shawl shape and it came out to be almost the exact size of the pattern instructions.

Usonian Shawl 08-22-21 01

It looks almost as good on the reverse as it does on the front.

Surprisingly, I followed the instructions on this one to the letter. I even followed the instructions to snip off my woven-in ends after blocking.  Even though I don’t find that to be really necessary.

Usonian Shawl 08-22-21 05

It’s not really my color, but I would bypass the “not my colors” rule if I needed something to drape over my shoulders in a chilly air-conditioned room.

3 comments on “Over-Prepared For Craft Show Season

  1. Wonderful, fantastic shawl. Great design and stitches!
    All that inventory. You are so prolific and it all looks great!
    Best wishes for the tail end of Henri!

  2. Gorgeous shawl.

    Maybe this is an idea fordd your business:

    I am by no means a master knitter as was my mother, who could design fair isle or slipped stich designs in her head and execute them as she knit. But we both loved to makd sockz and preferred our double points to the new fangled techniques.

    Neither of us took well to charts. Mom because she made them up in her head as she knit and me, well I find them difficult to read. I just look at a chart and my brain feels all..this must be what psychedlics are like.

    I propose a guide for 1) converting toe up sock patterns on circulars to top down on dps.

    and 2) I propose an online workshop and ‘guidebook’ to converting charts to traditional text knitting instructions.

    Ultumately Id like software such that one might scan the chart and then print the text knitting instructions.

    Willing to bet lots of folks, including me, would pay good money for those!

    Or even create an app with the instructions! I bet knitters would pay. There must be more than me who prefer dps.

    Peace and positivities,


  3. P.S. with apologies for my typos. I only have a phone for a device at present and its keyboard is positively liliputian.

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