Not Loving My Neighbor

Not Loving My Neighbor

If I was still a practicing Catholic. And I was going to confession. I’d have to admit that I’m not loving my neighbor.

The Sin Of Not Loving My Neighbor

First of all, when I write “neighbor” I do not mean my actual next-door neighbors. They’re awesome and easy to love.

I’m referring to my biblical neighbors. As in love thy neighbor as thyself. Or my “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” neighbor.

Here’s my dilemma. It seems many of my fellow citizens of this World have put themselves in an impossible situation. They’ve made up their mind about how life is and at the same time, they’ve closed themselves off to any other possible option. In fact, they’ve tried to alienate those they have trusted in the past by aggressively and angrily telling us that we’re idiots for not believing the same as them.

When people put themselves in bad situations and then shut down and receptivity to feedback, they’re fucked.

This situation appears sometimes in the plots of movies or television shows. Sometimes it’s with children who shut down communications with their parents whilst putting themselves in a bad situation.

How do parents handle this? Are you able to love your children so much that your insistence gets through?

Makes me glad I’m not a parent. Because I really suck at trying to get through to my “neighbors.”

All advice taken into consideration.

Current Knitting

When I finished the Usonian Shawl, I found this little WIP laying about.

Fingerless Gloves 08-22-21 01

It’s an almost completed pair of short-finger gloves that I started a while ago. Also to be added to my ever-growing craft-show inventory.

So now I have one more item to sell.

IFingerless Gloves 08-22-21 02 Fingerless Gloves 08-22-21 03

It’s a size S/M (small/medium). I only make two sizes and the other one is M/L (medium/large). I’m thinking that I still need to add more gloves to inventory and more headbands.  Having a lot of small, lower-priced items helps grow revenue at craft shows.

8 comments on “Not Loving My Neighbor

  1. To comment anywhere near completely I’d have to sit here for the rest of my life, or at least until overcome by some urgent bodily need.

    When it comes to the kind of impasse between two people or two groups that you discuss I often think Thomas Paine was right when he wrote “Time makes more converts than reason.” (Common Sense, 1776). I realize as I write this that I’ve been lucky in my closest relationships, which include a daughter, so that taking this position has in general worked out well.

    As I’m sure you know, an important result of love can be greater depth of understanding between and among people who don’t agree, and concern for the welfare of those who hold beliefs some of which we abhor. I fail miserably at this as often as I succeed, but I do think what understanding I gain is worth the effort.

    1. I think this long-term, “time fixes shit” attitude is exactly right. The perspective of time is often necessary to see things more clearly.

      And like you, I rate very poorly at empathy and love for those who have idiotic beliefs. See?

      1. What I see is that I seem to have pissed you off. Please accept my apologies for what I assure you was not my intent.

        1. No Vanessa…I am not pissed off. I like this idea and agree with it. It was others’ “idiotic beliefs” I was talking about…definitely not yours. Sorry to not have been clearer about that.

          1. Whew! Thanks for clarifying. It’s so easy to misunderstand when discussing long distance. Sorry I did.

  2. Aren’t “bad decisions” at the core of the plot of most horror movies? Got to laugh at some of the boneheaded choices being made in the world right now.
    I like Vanessa’s quote from Thomas Paine: “Time makes more converts than reason”.
    How many times (as a nurse) have I thought the same thing (Oh, this one needs “tincture of time”).
    At least we live in interesting times…

  3. You are not clear who you are referring to. I am guessing you are speaking about the covid vaccine and masks. My thoughts are these: Let both ‘sides’ have their way. If you believe in masks/vaccines, you get medical care; you live with the consequences. If you do not believe science/ medical doctors/vaccines/masks, you get no medical care; you live with the consequences. I love that we all have choices. I respect that we must live with our consequences.

  4. I teach other people’s children. The only thing I can add is that some kids are just not ready. That’s when natural consequences takes over. The same thing with adults. Karma, Darwin or as my husband says, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You don’t have to love everyone to be a good person Joe. P.S. Young people say a lot of stupid shit. It’s perfectly ok not to like them or the things they do. I mean God crucified Jesus for shit he didn’t even do. It’s all okay.

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